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Posted date: 29 Wed, Nov 2017 06:48:37 PM
In the past we had seen Sunil Dut Hindi actor as lone actor, Bhavana in ‘Shanthi’, Naveen Krishna 95 percent as one actor in ‘Actor’ and now in ‘Kaivalya’ we have Kailash as only one actor with six other voice over ready with shooting.

Ravindra Vamshi who directed ‘Putani Safari’ is with Param Gubbi as producer. Ravindra claims this is for the first time in Indian cinema. That is not true. It is one hour forty five minutes one actor you would see. He has three stages of make up in this film. it is a process of 15 years for one character. Uma Maheshwar who did make up for Ananthnag in ‘Game’ and Sanchari Vijay has worked in the makeup for Kailash.

Apparently this is 100 years Old Russian story ‘The Bet’ - The Bet is an 1889 short story by Anton Chekhov about a banker and a young lawyer who make a bet with each other about whether the death penalty is better or worse than life in prison.

Makeup man Uma Maheshwar seeking the screenplay of director Ravindra Vamshi is what surprising for him. A makeup man working for detail it is required. I would not work without reading the screenplay informs Uma Maheshwar. There is multiple character of Kailash that is brought in six minutes of CG work.

Kaivalya means = Ekantha, Nirvana, Moksha etc. At the media meeting Krishna Nadig was in flashback mood to explain the film story of 1978 – it was lengthy but interesting.
It is Param Motion Pictures production, Veer Samarth has scored music, Jeevan Gowda is cameraman, C Ravichandran editor, in the direction department Harish Kundooru, Mahesh Koratagere, Hanume Gowda have worked.
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