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The crime via internet media could be done like this is the great surprise for the audience of ‘Gultoo’ in the theatres. A team of highly qualified engineers come up with the ‘New Crime’ in the cyber world for the subject of this film.

Prashanth and Devaraj are producers of this film ‘Gultoo’ Kannada film.  Producer Prashanth, director Janardhan, hero Naveen Shanker are all very talkative and consumed more time in expressing very less to write. Sonu Gowda is the female lead of this film, Avinash and Rangayana Raghu are major trump cards of this team.

Both Avinash and Rangayana Raghu appreciated the content, making, strength of the team. Avinash firmly stated that he has not done any sacrifice. At the mobile shot with a stick they came for a trailer portion, he got confirmed that this team is up to a great work. I am selfish in getting role. The team is new but for the grammar of cinema they are not new. Done good home work and I called up Rangayana Raghu to take up a role stated Avinash agile actor of Kannada cinema.

Rangayana Raghu was in doubt on the title ‘Gultoo’, it is a computer language told the director and producer. He kept quiet for some time and once the narration was got and shoot was held he was confirmed that he is working in an intelligent team. Crime in computer age is surprise for Rangayana Raghu. Sonu Gowda has grown up in acting. When actors get this kind of role to perform the other end come with a little it is enough pointed the much sought after actor Rangayana Raghu.

Music director Amith Anand at Scotland for his studies in a video record highlighted on the making of songs while producer Prashanth started off with his college days in giving lengthy explanation.

Janardhan Chikkanna director of the film also took lot of time to thanks everyone and never came up with the content of the film.

Actress Sonu Gowda got clarity of what’s going on for the film from the third day of shoot. Every individual in the technical team is aware of what’s happening. There is no need to consult director in case of doubt pointed Sonu Gowda.

In his debut Naveen Shanaker got appreciation for his performance from two great actors Avinash and Rangayana Raghu and he has background of television media and waited for a long time to become an actor. There are so many crime but this one is ‘Cyber Crime’ that is not heard. He comes from rural background to city in this film and surrounded by vicious things and how he reacts is crux.

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