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Posted date: 07 Wed, Feb 2018 09:30:37 AM
Katheya villain! The debut director G Suresh made this statement on the eve of release and surprised everyone. We have heard ‘Kathe as Hero’ in so many cases. The interest has built up with such a statement.

On the eve of release of the film director Suresh is putting up two songs to the You Tube. He says this film ‘Nanu Lover of Janu’ is a fine saga of innocent love. In the scientific invention that is probably going to create revolution he has dealt in the film, the heroine character played by Manjula Gangappa decline on the further move – why and how you have to watch it on screen from coming Friday. Yogaraj Bha has lent commentary for this film. There was also a small face book dialogue contest for this film.

One of the four producers Vishnu Bhandari has participated in an action portion of this film. There is another chase in this film says Suresh. Ravishanker and Chandru were happy on the outcome of the film. For what director had told he has given best stated Ravishanker.

In his debut Vishal says he was not supposed to get prepared for the film. It was so natural acting taken from him. Vishal has taken only one a retake. Director wanted me to be natural in performance he stated. For the first trailer my face was not shown yet the trailer got good appreciation he stated.
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