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Title – Shivu Paru, Producer – Smt Shylaja Suresh, Direction – America Suresh, Music – America Suresh, Cinematography – Halesh S, Cast – Americal Suresh, Disha Poovaiah, Honnavalli Krishna, Ramesh Bhat, Chitra Shenoy, Vishwa, Sundar, Rakshita, Meghana, Ranjitha, Lakshmi and others.

What a performance indeed from America Suresh. All senior actors should feel proud of his acting. He is a performer at the right time at right place. Even when he is beaten America Suresh acts so well. It is a lesson for the students of cinema! A first time actor America Suresh has accolades for his performance and also for the narration style.

The thoughts and procedure of making Shivu Paru by Americal Suresh also in lead roles is something beyond the tale of Romeo Juliet, Laila Majnu etc. He is on a mega epic route. It is also about two ‘Janmas’. This film is sure to make audience to take out their handkerchief. There is good weight in the script and narration.

‘Shivu Paru’ 135 minutes cinema with U certificate is having English subtitles. It is a romantic love story in a mythological suspense thriller.  Yamana Gedda Shivu, Devalokada Premaloka, Why Kittappa killed Shivu, Why Paru killed herself – for answers to this you have to watch this film without fail.

There is ‘Pyate Hudgir Hallig Bandru’ reality show sixth episode handled inside this film. The film starts off with animation of Shiva and Parvathi expressing wish to come to earth. There is already one Shivu and Paru in the village. The caste feeling does not unite the lovers. In the city there is another Shivu and Paru.

In the first half Shivu dies and in second half Paru dies. The second half is narrated in the ‘Punar Janma’ concept. In the first half Shivu dies saving the life of Paru – both post and pre interval ‘Shivu and Paru’ actors are America Suresh and Disha Poovaiah.

America Suresh has used the liberal policy. There is lip lock in a suggestive manner without looking seductive at several places.

America Suresh has struggled very hard in making this film. He needs a thunderous applause. Disha Poovaiah looks very beautiful. Honnavalli Krishna, Sunder, Vishwa and Chitra Shenoy has extended good support.

The beauty is also from music of this film. Two folk songs are used brilliantly. The one in the post interval in the tune of ‘Duddu Kottare Bekaddu Sigathaithe….is converted in to new lyrics and well delivered. For this particular song in the Triveni theatre on Friday morning there was huge round of applause.

Halesh S cinematography work is very competitive; Editing is repetitive because that is the new style of America Suresh narration pattern.

Shivu Paru is a cinema is a film with brilliant piece of work.

Score – 3 / 5 ***


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