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Title – Vasu Nan Pakka Commercial, Producer – Wink Whistle Productions, Direction – Ajith Vasan Uggina, Cinematography – Dilip Chakravarthy, Music – Ajanish Lokanath, Cast – Aneesh Thejeshwar, Nishwika Naidu, Avinash, Manjunath Hegde, Aruna Balaraj, Girish, Deepak Shetty and others.

Sometime it needs guts to keep a title. Anish Thejaswar in his maiden production has picked this ‘Vasu Nan Pakka Commercial’ and lived up the expectations of the title besides stealing the show in lead role with very beautiful and promising heroine Nishwika Naidu.

Vasu Banda Dari Bidi….is the title track of this film! That is true one has to vacate for this film screening. Audience could easily watch this right kind of entertainer. The family audience has something wonderful – the father and mother character are top class in humanity angle.

Have you ever seen father taking son for completing his deal? You find it here. The drunk son profusely appreciating his father and accepting his mistakes with father driving motorbike, later father standing behind his son so confidently, the mother character immensely attached to son – you find variety in this film ‘Vasu Nan Pakka Commercial’.

It is not just that the humanity that scores at the end and how it comes great in front of money – is expressed by Deepak Shetty a strong actor.

In addition to such tremendously loaded situations for the family audience, the most appreciative is the pair of Anish and Nishwika. They make a good pair, romance so good, express concern so well and remain distinct from hundreds of other lovers on silver screen.

To the surprise Vasu is not only commercial, even Mahalakshmi is also commercial in her mindset. The affection of the two you find in many situations. Giving full bottle of whisky and asking boy friend to give up liquor and such a lovely pair coming to the police station in the end to admit their mistakes – Oh Come on friends, this you would lap up with great affection.

Of course the rich and poor barricade is also found in this film. Vasu hails from middle class family of real estate commission agent father, affectionate mother and elder sister at home. The father and son bondage is high class. When Vasu falls in love with very possessive Mahalakshmi it is a romantic mood for the film.

What scores in life is not money but humanity. The film explains at the end point of time. Director Ajith Vasan Uggina has good knowledge on how to hold the attention. Anish for his debut production has made the right assessment and given his best in production.

Anish handsome hunk has got his best performance in this film. He looks very lively, strong, and romantic. His dialogue delivery, emotional moments are on top gear.

Nishwika Naidu is the heroine of substance. She looks pretty and you feel like making her a girl friend. She is having high degree of skill in front of camera and she will be front runner among heroines. Her performance in ‘Amma I Love You’ was also pretty good.

Manjunath Hegde, Aruna Balaraj, Deepak Shetty scores superbly in the character roles. Ajanish Lokash has given lovely three lovely tunes. The song shot in Norway is exceedingly good in quality. The costumes for the lovely pair are in top standards.

Cinematographer Dilip Chakravarthy gives the right lighting and angles to give a feast to the eyes. Dialogues of this film are well written, costume selection, production values are in good standards

This worth your money for the ticket and go to watch this film with family!



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