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The film ‘Saligrama’ believes on the Karma philosophy in life. Like a farmer gets what he sows in his land, in human life we pay for our penalty and gain for our good deeds.

‘Saligrama’ has got nothing to ‘Saligrama’ of a Madhwa Community house. It is the place in reality in Karnataka. The family who settle down in this place ‘Saligrama’ in the film faces many inconvenient atmosphere but later bail out. There is touch of horror, thrill, psychology, love, hate etc in different layers of this film.

In the cinema industry serving the latest cameras Harsha Narayanaswamy is director of this film. He is also setting up a technical studio in the coming days.

Siddarth is father of a child in the middle class family, Disha Poovaiah is female lead, orphan but opportunity filled role. Pallavi Raju faces ordeals in life from the entry of a person. She is known for her chilling performance in ‘Mantram’. Yashwanth Shetty is in a strong role that is above his age. Ranjith Kumar, Baby Manavi are also in the cast.

Sunny Raj had done four songs for this film. Sandeep lyrics, Soori-Loki editing, Srihari Chaitanya dialogues, Height Manju and Soori dance part of technicians.

Wife of Harsha Narayaswamy Smt Padmavathi is producer with Nagaraj and Rajakumar as co producers. This film was shot in Bengaluru, Thirthahalli and Mangaluru. One of the songs is shot in Manali exotic location.

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