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Kudos to music director Ganesh Narayan for lovely songs for ‘Trayambakam’! A film by Dayal Padmanabhan has made the first win; the trailers are also very interesting. On the business front the film is safe by 50 percent. The remaining fifty percent is sure to come from box office. The contents so far is sure to get profits for Dayal Padmanabhan and team.

The ‘Asthana Vidwan’ of Dayal team Naveen Krishna invited the team on the stage and said he had written dialogues for this film with the ‘Uppikayi’ quantum of story line from Dayal.

Shruthi Nayak has played Raghanna sister in the film, music director Ganesh Narayan in his third combination with Dayal is expecting more on the outcome for the film.

Director of fame Shivamani as actor says there is good vibration and engaging product. Dayal has rich content, he is calm and don’t waste time. Naveen Krishna, Rakesh support is too good. Raghanna has acted in his eyes, Rohit, Anupama have done well Shivamani added.

Anupama Gowda the lively and talkative talent was referred as Rakshasi in acting by Naveen Krishna. There is good bonding. Compared to Aa Karala Rathri and Puta 109 I have taken more takes for this film. I had no opportunity to see or act with Dr Raj but I am today his son daughter in the film. It is a proud moment for me adds AG.

RJ turned hero Rohit is a detective in this film and also boyfriend to AG, it is a complete Dayal film he says.

The happiness of Raghavendra Rajakumar is because ‘Trayambakam’ releasing in the month of ‘Raj Maasa’. In a song Moda Modalu….I learnt from Anupama. This is not Raghanna cinema. I am still in ‘Brame’. In Dayal film I am an actor he mentioned.

Co producer Avinash in his third film journey said he is doing two more with DP. We have set 3 to 4 months for a film and that is fine for this market he says.

Producer Sandeep is happy on the outcome. From where he had discussed with Dayal at the same place he is happy to announce good contents and release of the film.

Naveen Krishna dialogue writer of the film says in the technical check in the last 15 minutes dialogues get identification, it is natural and energetic film he says.

The confidence Raja today of Kannada cinema is Dayal Padmanabhan. He is very confident on this ‘Trayambakam’ – the research he made on Navapaashana and Ilipashana also subsidiary to the subject is for the first time thought out in an Indian film he says. Dayal Padmanabhan was immensely happy because producer Sandeep helped with Rs.3 lakhs at right time and I have given right film for him he feels. In 23 days we have shot for the film and pooling of locations was also done for this film says DP.

Dayal confidence is so high that he is screening the film at GT Mall on 16th of April of the film releasing on 19th of April.

Sunil Kshyap is editor from this film and it is debut for him. Jack Manjunath is distributor of the film ‘Trayambakam’ all over Karnataka.

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