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Duration – 130 plus minutes, Title – Anushka, Producer – SK Gangadhar, Direction – Devaraj Kumar, Music – Vikram Selva, Cinematography – Veenus Murthy, Cast – Amrutha Iyengar, Roopesh Shetty, Balarajavadi, Sadhu Kokila, Adi Lokesh, Roopa Sharma and others.

In the early part of her career Amrutha Iyengar has shown her keen interest in action oriented film besides showcasing a hot heroine capability. While the horse riding, razor slashing gives her action image, the song with Roopesh Shetty on the beach side shows how glamorous she is. This is the best of Amrutha Iyengar as for as emotional circumstances too.

Devaraj Kumar of ‘Danger Zone’ and Nishyabda 2 has worked very strong on the screenplay this time. The interspersing of past and present is hall mark of the film. For all thrill loving audience this is the best one today in theatres.

Anushka is a queen who works for the welfare of her people. She wages a lone battle against the culprits who rob the common people. In the slashing of heads of culprits the warrior Anushka is killed how ‘Onake Obavva’ was killed.

In the present context we have Amrutha (similar to Anusha queen). Amrutha is on a honeymoon with Arjun (Roopesh Shetty). For the reach of Rani Vilas guest house they face ordeals. Once they reach the Rani Vilas guest house the crookedness of Arjun is revealed. Before anyone killing her Amrutha stabs to herself and she is taken to hospital as dead.

Now the villain shade of Arjun is revealed and Amrutha return with her own master plan that is much above that of Arjun and her father (Balarajavadi) surfaces and even surprises.

What is next in store? Amrutha has to take revenge. She keeps Arjun and his people as hostage to take revenge. How Amrutha is supported by the then Anushka Queen as ghost in the same place where she lived is rest of the screenplay of director Devaraja Kumar.

The glam of Amrutha Iyengar is superb in one song. On other occasions she fills the gap that Anushka Shetty has not come to Kannada cinema. She matches in her looks, height and beauty so well to Anushka Shetty.

Roopesh in negative shade in this film has come out well. Balarajavadi is another actor who scores in the presence of anyone around. Sadhu Kokila entry and exit is unwanted for the film.

The title track on queen Anushka and the glam song that comes on the beach side are good scorings from composer Vikram Selva. Cinematographer Veenus Murthy has no flaws in his work. The beach side, the interiors and the top angles are well handled in his camera.

This is a good watch for all those who like thrills.

Rating – 3.5

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