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Title – Khanana, Producer – Srinivasa Rao, direction – Raadha, Music – Kunni Gudipati, Cinematography – Ramesh Thirupathi, Cast – Aryavardhana, Karishma, Om Prakash Rao, Bank Janardhan, Srinivasa Rao, Vinaya Prakash, Mohan Juneja, Mahesh Siddu, Honnavalli Krishna, Kempe Gowda, Ashish Jaa and others.

It is a well crafted film with powerful performance from debutant Aryavardhana. The highpoint is the narration not done with any build up. The film made by Srinivasa Rao for his son Aryavardhana could have added a few build up scenes but director Raadha has controlled it and made it a thriller with convincing narration.

You get out of this corrupt and bad system in the society, don’t come back says the cop to the hero Aryavardhana in ‘Khanana’. By this time the film come to the climax level. The word ‘Khanana’ is a Sanskrit word. Who is going to demolish who is what you have to see on silver screen.

Among a few best parts in the film the loyal dog taking out the hero from the grave stunts everyone. The hero a well known architect knows how to live dead for one day.

The story penned by Ravikanth is interesting one. No 1 architect Ajay (Aryavardhana) making good name abroad comes to his home town to settle down after marriage. His better half Naina wants to settle in abroad – a misunderstanding erupts on this issue. To add salt to burning issue Dr Ranjith supports Naina stand. The film takes different stand. At the end the result is that you have to pay penalty for your mistakes.

In the debut Aryavardhan has shown his guts in acting and also in muscles. He has emoted in five different shades. The female lead Karishma is bold and dashing. Yuva Kishor has good scope in the coming days. Avinash as cop, Bank Janardhan, Mahesh Siddu and Om Prakash Rao to tickle funny bones gives relief. A black dog has got some good job to do.

Two songs in Kuni Gudupati two songs are worth hearing. Director Radha has shown his skill to live long in the cinema industry.

S Nalige Productions maiden venture in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil languages is sure to attract audience.

Rating – 3.5

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