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Title – Jakanachari Avan Thamma Shuklachari, Producers – H Somashekhar and Executive producer A Ramu, Directio – Raja Ravi Verma, Music – Anil CJ, Cinematography – Samrat, Cast – Master Mahesh, Master Zayad, Vinay, Kiran, Muni, Moogu Suresh, Ninasam Ashwath, Manadip Rai, Girish Jatti, Shivu, Meena, Pankaja, Manju Soorya and others.

One needs gusts to take up this kind of socially relevant film. Producer Somashekhar supported by A Ramu have taken the heart touching film for silver screen. They need applause for the concern and care for the film.

Director Raja Ravivarma going deep in to the subject touching on the Endosalphan disease and its root cause bothering the life of so many people in Karnataka and other parts showcase the ugly nature of administration we are seeing in the society.

The second top angle of the film is a blind Mahesh and handicap Zayad working for the ailing parents in the family is another pinch hitter element of this film. Despite of absolute poverty the visionless and legless struggle in the ‘Airavatha’ puller vehicle – the duo do several works including the painting by Zayad. Such duo faces ordeals I the place where they live and had to support stroke affected father and daily wage earner mother.

At one point of time the activity of Mahesh and Zayad is a hard hit on the people who are having good comfort in social life behaviors.  It questions the hearts ‘What problem in earning your livelihood’.

The reason for taking up this handicap background subject is because of producer Somashekhar parents also affected with handicap and director of the film Raja Ravi Verma is also handicap. It is a Raj Priya Production – although a children film but there is nothing short in the film.

Two of the songs of CJ Anil – one written by Dr V Nagendra Prasad is a very touching song and well sung too.

The two boys Zayad handicap and Mahesh a blind really touches your hearts. The various works they do changes your mindset to some extent. Veteran actors like Manadip Rai, Moogu Suresh, Muni, Pankaja, Girish Jatti, Ninasam Satish given a neat performance.

The cinematography is also adequate for the film flow. This film deserves a few awards.

Rating – 3.5/5

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