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It was a rare occasion of actor cum director of fame Rishab Shetty declaring open the trailer of his mentor Aravind Kaushik ‘Shardoola…Devva Irabahuda’ on Saturday night at Kalavidara Sangha. Actress Suman Nagarkar was also guest at the trailer launch.

It is Rishab Shetty recalling the past was interesting. He explained how he struggled for Rs.500 and joined Aravind Kaushik camp with the help of Usha Bhandari actress. He joined with Ravi Teja and at this place he met Rakshit Shetty. Earning money was important and Rs.500 a day and five days work, I collected Rs.2500 and spent it on party. For me Aravind Kaushik is the mentor as I learnt about TV and cinema making from him stated Rishab Shetty. Aravind Kaushik checked in and said I did not come to your party where you spent Rs.2500 evoked laughter at the auditorium. Rishab wishing his Guru film ‘Shardoola’ said this has all elements of clicking in the box office.

Aravind Kaushik earlier film was also related to tiger ‘Huliraya’ and now ‘Shardoola’ is also attached to it. The film revolved about the people from one area moving to another area and finding it altogether strange. From routine life we found it frightened. Whether it is natural or created by someone you have to watch it on silver screen says Aravind Kaushik.

Chetan Chandra, Ravi Teja, Krithika Ravindra, Mahesh Aishwarya and others are in the cast. Kalyan and Rohith are producers, YBR Manu is cameraman, Shivaraj Mehu is editor, Satish Babu has done the music part for the film.

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