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Duryodhana Darshan now firmly opines that for doing ‘Kurukshetra’ kind of film producer should dream with lot of passion. Then it is duty of actors to give complete dedication he says speaking to media persons at Kalavidhara Bhavan on last Saturday night.

Darshan doing the first mythological role of ‘Duryodhana’ has completely studied the Kaurava king and with lot of hard work and sincerity taken up the role for 3 D and 2 D. It is Munirathna the first hero he addresses as his dream today is the shaping up of ‘Kurukshetra’.

·         For performance in the Duryodhana role I had to watch various films of that kind made in Indian entertainment industry.

·         The early morning preparation, looking at dialogues, coming to sets performing the character and then looking at veteran actor Srinivasmaurthy for his signal happened. In case of corrections our veteran actor Srinivasamurthy used to make suggestions. Again in the evening working in gym and retiring for the day was routine.

·         Cameraman Aajy Vincent was helpful on the sets because the crown, Gade were heavy to hold. He was giving signal right time to wear and hold remembered Darshan.

·         To take up films of this standard a producer should have ‘Four Gundige’. On whether I do ‘Ravana’ or not, it is up to producer to dream precisely.

·         Working with Appaji Ambarishji was unforgettable experience. He was having health problem but when makeup was applied Appaji was very strong and straight. I remembered my father Toogudeepa Srinivas. 15 days before death he was telling about itching on the face. That is because he has not applied makeup.

·         We have shot a small portion of this ‘Kurukshetra’ at NTR set that is retained event today.

·         At the time of dubbing the problem remembering the shooting time and giving dialogues. I took nearly 28 days for dubbing.

·         Duryodhana character is the one who reaches ‘Swarga’ – he lived in head weight.  

·         Kuruskehtra is one such film that has four decades of experienced actors. It spreads from 1970 to 2010.

·         It is complete 2 years cinema. The first discussion was on the ‘Anatharu’ sets and I wondered how it is possible? Munirathna Naidu has come up with perfect dream to give ‘Kurukshetra’ – he is the first hero of the film.

·         I would jump from the social films to historical and mythological films only when everything comes perfect.

·         This Kurukshetra is for all age group. The addition is 3D attraction. At Hyderabad a small portion was viewed by team members for 10 times – it is so fabulous.

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