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After doing a cop role in ‘Daughter of Parvathamma’ the beautiful Haripriya is now again in an investigative subject as a cop! What is further investigating is that for all those who says I don’t know Kannada, there is very good message in this film. The film at the end would make non Kannada speaking realize the importance of knowing the language where they live.

From RJ to direction Mayur Raghavendra was struck with this title ‘Kannad Gothilla’ at early morning 3 am sometime ago. He directed one short film Vrushabapriya that earned lot of recognition. The film has thrill and suspense, at first thought we got Haripriya in mind and later on added Sudharani to the cast. As a matter of fact the hero of the film is ‘Kannada’.

Staunch Kannada follower is Kumara Kanteerava producer of the film, he came into contact with Chandrachari and then this team of the film. Producer Kumara Kanteerava was waiting for a subject like this to invest on the film; he is an agriculturist hailing from White Field surroundings. Do not neglect Kannada and learn it when you are in our place, the film focusing on it is his liking to join the team.

Giridhar Diwan is behind camera, Nakul Abhayankar a singer is making debut as music director for three songs and all of them are montage ones.

Haripriya is in her third female oriented subject. Title has impressed the beautiful Haripriya. Then the film has a good stuff to perform. As Haripriya was also thinking of getting practical issues to portray this is another one in her career. She is very confident of a revolution from this film.

The hope from this film is more and more people not knowing Kannada learning it in this state and it is somewhat like how Bangarada Manushya created impact to get back to agriculture among youths says Haripriya.

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