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It is Rs.5 crore collections in the first week is the first happiness of the producers Syed Salam and Golden star Ganesh. At the same time the film team is also straight forward in saying that the expectation is not met. ‘Namma Nirikshe Matta Muttilla’ admits the producers.

Director Vijay Nagendra thanked for the good media backup for the film. It is Sanath a team member explained the mistake happening out of control – the one of the advertisements showing only three theatres with media giving stars in the half page advertisements.

On the tweet message by actress Shanvi Srivatsa that professionalism was lacking and one song was deleted Sanath agreed that the duration was too much and that made us to cut one song worth Rs.35 lakhs shot in three locations. At this point Golden star Ganesh also said even his song is cut for the length purpose and he is quite OK with it.

Producer Syed Salam stated that whatever Shanvi Srivatsav had told is correct and we would not antagonize. She has right to say her feelings. As a producer I feel it is a waste of money. Rs.50 lakhs totally a waste with such deletion of Shanvi and Ganesh duet song plus Ganesh title track song. No one is perfect. We make mistakes and learn in life stated Syed Salam. It is not right to say we should win always. Vijay Nagendra had done his work very well. On the whole ‘Nirikshe did not get right Phala’ he added. According to his assessment in three days all 200 theatres turn 100 percent houseful then it is 25 percent profit for the producer.

Golden star Ganesh happy because the concept of the film got critical acclaim although the film did not do well at this stage! Earning Rs.5 crores in first week is impressive. We would get more theatres in the second week he mentioned. On the mistake happening of newspaper advertisements Ganesh stated that I do agree with the mistake. The fact is that the film is running in nearly 100 theatres including single screen and multiplex screens he stated.

Later speaking to media persons golden star Ganesh stated that he is not moving to politics and it is his wife Shilpa area. On making a film further he is keeping quiet for three years. In this time a chance to get direction for my acting it is OK he says. He is moving on with ‘Galipata 2’ with Yogaraj Bhat.

He had talks with Simple Suni for another subject. Two more in the discussion stages and trying a socially relevant topic with entertainment - say for example on the Mahadayi project interspersed like how ‘Gokak Chaluvali’ is done in ‘Geetha’ he is ready to take provided such writers come forward.

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