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The dream merchant of Kannada cinema is coming up with ‘Dream of his life’ in the forthcoming years. That is a complete musical film – there will be no dialogues. In the song format the communication among the characters is thought.

This will be a universal film and I have over 1500 compositions. I am getting my team locked for six months to decide on the songs filled cinema says V Ravichandran speaking to a few media friends at Citadle Hotel on Saturday afternoon.

The concept of this film came to me in a dream. I woke up to write it. In a long span it took shape inside me and in the last birthday of my daughter October 18, I wrote the entire script of the film in just one and half hours without even a second of thinking. The flow was so good and fluent. On the same day I got the announcement that I have been selected for honorary doctorate from CMR University. So two extra ordinary things happened on my daughter Geethanjali birth day!

Take a look at the observation of trailblazer of Kannada cinema V Ravichandran.

·         The all musical film of two hours plus came to me after ‘Premaloka’. The film with music pattern will be like how you have seen ‘Nodamma Hudugi….

·         When I finished writing part of this I had Goosebumps and shivering. I had never faced such a situation in my life.

·         In fact for this complete musical film a studio and several other things started growing with me. The film will have sound effect with good recording. The wind, steps etc would be 60 percent. Remaining will be added.

·         In this film my first son Manoranjan will be in the cast. My two sons are growing in knowing intricacies of cinema. Experience is very important.

·         For taking up this project – Ravi Bopanna and Rajendra Ponnappa should complete. The rapid change I had seen in my life is after writing the script on my daughter birthday on October 18.

·         I have sown the seeds for this film in my heard. I don’t have ‘Runa of Mannu’.

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