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Talkative, intelligent and able to get going Ninasam Manju has made a film with deep concern to the life of tribal people who are stuck in the middle of road. With the urbanisation shaping up fast, the tribal are also living in it.


Ninasam Manju looked at the tribal people replacement from the jungle – as he goes in to the details of it there are some startling revelations. Manju had done ‘Mukha Mukhi’ in the past. The base for this film is from Kotiganahalli Ramayya novel and parts of Ksheera Sagara ‘Jenu Akashada Aramane’. According to Manju ‘Kanneri’ means ‘Hosa Vasantha’.


Kari Subbu alias Smart Subbu is in Road Ranganna role a bridge for the people in tribal area and government. Subbu also stated that the rehabilitation for tribal in some cases made them lazy. There are nearly 582 houses constructed near HD Kote and Hunasuru region. People in the house do not work because they get all facilities from the government Subbu observed.


Chandrasekhar one of the two producers is happy for a real life happening showcased in his film. Hebbar PP an industrialist is co producer vouched for people watching cinema.


Sadar Sathya says director Manju is a magical man. Whatever he says we feel like doing for the film.


Archana Madhusoodhan is in the role of ‘Muthamma’ a tribal in the city facing ordeals. Archana is a degree first year student in real life.


Anitha Bhat popular heroine represents the city life while Archana represent the village life inthis film.

It is Buddi Deepa Cinema House. Ganesh Hegde cinematography, Manikanth Khadri four songs and Sujith Nayak editing are part of the technical team.


Nehal Haalekaai, MK Matha, Arun Sagar, Chandraprabha, Master Hemanth Gowda, Siddaraju Kalyankar, Niranjan, Seetharam, Somanna and others are in the cast.

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