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The century star Dr Shivarajakumar released the ‘Sooriyanna….song at Sheraton Hotel of the film ‘Salaga’ a comeback for Dhuniya Vijay in KP Srikanth production.

Addressing the mammoth attendance Dr Shiv mentioned that he does not want to become a director looking at dozen directors who were present at the gala event. The circumstance is also not permitting me to direct because I am so busy. I will be like this for another 20 years stated ‘Dodmane’ Dod Hudga at 56 years of age.

Looking at producer KP Srikanth, Shiv said he is like our family member. Looking at this team of ‘Salaga’ I remember ‘Tagaru’ days of shooting, music director Charan Raj is of a few expert music directors. I am very happy for Dhuniya Vijay acting and also directing the film. I am ready to support his film pointed Dr Shiv.

It is better to talk after the film is released stated actor and director Dhuniya Vijay. Sanjana Anand, Charan Raj music director, Dhanajay, Achyuth Kumar and others were present.

KP Srikanth was bit emotional remembering Dr Shiv responsible for him to become a producer. I would give more films in the coming days he said.

KFPA President DK Ramakrishna, MG Ramamurthy, directors Tarun Sudhir, Gurudat, Yogi B Raj, Naveen, Dr Soori, AP Arjun, Pawa Wodeyar, Chetan Kumar, Mahesh Kumar were present to bless the ‘Salaga’ film.

For the lyrics of Dhuniya Vijay and Kiran, Anthony Das has delivered it. Remaining four songs are yet to release.

Senior police officer KR Jayakarthik Gowda, Sa Ra Govindu, K Manju, Vasishta N Simha, singer Sanjith Hegde and others were present at the ‘Salaga’ one song release event.

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