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Sathish to Continue Bodybuilding Efforts
Posted date: 17 Tue, Mar 2020 09:13:11 PM

Actor Ninasam Sathish surprised everyone by revealing his new toned physical look a few days ago. Here is the why, how and what of the new look.

Sathish says that the new look will be seen even in his upcoming film Godhra. "There is one song to be shot for Godhra which we will be shooting shortly. You can see a new me there itself," he said. The attempt is not an attempt to make a six-pack but for a "lean and fit look." His body fat is now at an all-time low giving him a younger look.

The new look is an effort of intense workout and diet. "My day starts with a 5 kilometre run and workout. The workout is twice a day. Expert Sam Robert has been training me for many years. For a fight scene in Ayogya I had toned my body. This is an attempt to take it to the next level," he said.

Sathish has given up some of his favourite foods for the purpose. For the last two and a half months, he has not eaten rice or any kind of sugar. "Oats, fruits, vegetables, eggs and animal protein is all I am allowed to eat. The portions are restricted and I eat as per the chart five times a day," he said.

Sathish says the regimen has not only given his body a new shape but refreshed him as well. "I can feel that my system has become neat and clean. It was not easy. But once I started and saw the results it becomes an addiction. When you put so much efforts you do not want to cheat with food. Though I am tempted, I have stuck to the diet and exercise," he said. The final shape that he has planned will take one more month to achieve he said.

Godhra stars Ninasam Sathish, Shraddha Srinath, Vashishta Simha, Achyuth Kumar among others. Nandish is debuting as independent director. Godhra is produced under the Leader Film Productions.

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