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The golden star of Kannada cinema Ganesh is celebrating his 42nd birthday in a very simple way with his family members. Wishing him good life, prosperity and tremendous success in life, we have ascertained that Ganesh has done a saviour job of many hungry months in his very silent work.

Ganesh has taken a daunting task of coming to the help of hundreds of hungry families in this pandemic time of 110 days plus. The work that Ganesh had taken up was not known to many.

The reason behind this silent work of Ganesh is because he faced the similar situation in his difficult days working in Udaya TV for his chat show ‘Comedy time with Ganesh’.

It was Dr Rajakumar kidnap time, industry – cinema and TV was closed for 108 days. The hunger of Ganesh was put to test. Living in a small room in south Bengaluru he had to fill his hunger. He had even approached the ration given in 2000 August to October 2000. At this time he came to know the still pitiable condition of artists and technicians of the Kannada cinema industry.

Now after 20 years of Golden Star Ganesh he has not forgotten the olden days. On sensing the difficulty of those days, he has lived to the hunger of present day families of the cinema industry.

Golden star Ganesh kept it as a close secret of what he is doing. But a few of his closets came to know his deep concern for the hungry families.

The work that Golden star Ganesh had done reminds the famous proverb ‘Balagai Kottiddu Edagai Goththagabaradu’.

In fact in his life Dr Rajakumar, Dr Ambarish, Dr Vishnuvardhana used to do like that for the needy people. Very recently Dr Rajakumar giving Rs.2000 to a coconut seller on the streets years ago came to social media from a tender coconut seller son who is living a comfortable life because of Rs.2000 given by Dr Rajakumar to his father decades ago.

Baruvaga Beththele, Hoguvaaga Beththele – one understands this philosophical statement, the extending of support to ill fated persons from those who are in comfort zones would continue forever.


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