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It was a `D` Day at PVR Orion Mall as reputed director S Narayan has taken up a fast thriller this time coming out from his traditional films.

The reason for D day was because challenging star Darshan was present to his close friend Dushyanth alias Deadly star Adhitya in lead. To this another`Adi` has joined hands and that is charming Aditi Prabhudeva as female lead in S Narayan `5D` Kannada film in the first time production of Smt Swathi Kumar.

In the New Year something new work should take place and this time my friend Adhitya film is launching on New Year day. I am also from the camp of S Narayan who has given very big films. Let us forget the year 2020 and go ahead with positive vibes. I believe Narayanji is doing a thriller let this film 5D get all good records in the box office, hoped Darshan.

Director of nearly 50 films S Narayan stated that he has made use of the Lock Down situation in a very systematic way. Four scripts got ready as there was a lot of time and freedom from all disturbances. One of which has the story of Ravi is developed for this film. I would give further details of the film at different stages he said. I missed directing Adhitya for a few occasions and now we are releasing first look and also completed the first day of shooting added S Narayan.

It has been 18 years of waiting for Adhitya (earlier Dushyanth Singh). I was supposed to be the hero of `Chandra Chakori` but my father SV Rajendra Singh Babu was ready with my debut `Love`. So I missed and on a few occasions the combination missed out. When my father told me that he had given my telephone number to S Narayan, I only eagerly contacted him. I have known S Narayan sir for a long time. He is the one who brings the actors in comfort zone. He is ultimate on the sets. I would be a puppet for his direction. D for Dasa my friend Darshan, D for Deadly that is tag I got. We are hoping for the best from 5D stated Adhitya in his address.

Aditi Prabhudeva is jumping in joy because of S Narayan's direction. It is a god given gift for me. Working with such a stalwart gives me a lot of positive vibes she declared.

Jyothi Rai is also in an important role and she is not supposed to declare anything. She got applaud for one of her characters from S Narayan and now she is in a legendary film.

This is a good team, the story has given immense pleasure, and there is entertainment in the film. We need support as mentioned by first time producer Smt Swathi Kumar. This is a 1 to 100 Dreams banner film.

Noted director SV Rajendra Singh Babu was also on the dais at the media address. He is happy because the top director colleague is from his camp taking up his son's film. Cinema never dies, it is Chiranjeevi. There was an eclipse (Grahana) and this is moving away mentioned Singh Babu in his address.

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