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Posted date: 8/November/2008

Music director of 12 films struggling to get a big break in life even though films like Dhimaku, Patre Love Padma did very well musically Arjun is looking for a rage in the film music scorings. He is looking for what AR Rehman has done in film music. That was the ambition of his late father Ashwathkumar too. Arjun’s mother Anasooya was having a different calculation that son will become an engineer in life.

In difficult time Arjun was given a key board by his mother on the instructions of music teacher James. The reason – Arjun had the trick of playing key board in both the hands.

From then on he went and tapped for opportunities in the camp of V Manohar and Kalyan. Silently he worked for 30 films as key board player and one fine day from ‘Autograph Please’ Arjun became a music director.


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