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Duration – 159 minutes 44 seconds, Category – Action melodrama, Score – 4/5

Title – POGARU, Producer – BK Gangadhar, Direction – Nanda Kishor, Music – Chandan Shetty, Cinematography – Vijay Milton, Sathya Hegde and Shekar Chandru, Cast – Dhruva Sarja, Rashmika Mandanna, Pavitra Lokesh, Ravishanker, Sampath, Chikkanna, Mayoori, Dhananjay, Raghavendra Rajakumar, Dharma, Deepak Shetty, Shanker Ashwath,  Tabala Nani, Kuri Pratap, Thara Anuradha and others.

Everything is in excess in this lorry and truckload action feast ‘Pogaru’. He is not just man of steel but he steals the show in every frame. That is ‘Dhruva Sarja’ for you!

He is Hanuman Bhaktha Bagsakke Agalla. He can take on any saithan because he is like Mighty Python; Just the power of mother to his ears can ransack four world heavy weight boxers in one ring. Amma is Almighty for him. He is a torture for those who oppose him. In life one has to become doctor of Daaku is his statement. That is Shiva (Dhruva Sarja). He wants everything under his foot. He wants to live in Pogaru throughout his life. He claims openly ‘Nan Ollevanalla’!

Such a heavy mindset is because he was cheated of father care and tutelage. His mother under very difficult situation married another person. Therefore, he likes his mother living with another person. His mother was compelled to marry a widower with a girl child.

Shiva grows very rugged. His every bit of movement is shocking and dismaying. He has finally liked one girl a priest daughter. He takes on a huge task of entrusting his daughter to wrong hands but at the edge of his decision he reverses back. The other side he had fallen completely to sister love.

On the back of this sentiment, Shiva cheats his own people and huge building is coming up in his colony. All his people are bombarding. This is possible because of one signature = that is of his stepfather (Ravishanker). Shiva is now on reverse swing. He teaches the baddies a lesson in front of his own people.

Four heavy weight muscular persons dodge on his from all round the corner and put him down. It is ‘Amma call – Magane I have come back to you’ earns him truckloads of courage. The end is expected.

Powerful dialogues and equally powerful action is the hallmark of this Shiva role. Dhruva Sarja worked very hard for this in the last three years. The excess feeding is what worries in this long drawn out cinema Pogaru.

Dhruva Sarja had struggled for this film and it is equivalent to three films. He had put down weight and gained muscular biceps shows his grit and determination.

Rashmika Mandanna has a cool role. Opposing Shiva she finally falls in love with him, Pavitra Lokesh and Ravishanker pair had done a good job. Sampath and  Dhananjay as baddies given good support. Chikkanna, Kuri Pratap comedy is quite OK, why is Tabala Nani sidelined?

Chandan Shetty songs are already a hit and it is a feast to frontbenchers. Cinematography is another trump card of this film. Vijay Milton as main cinematographer has given lot of lovely top angle shots.

Action directors have worked super for this film. There are some well-written dialogues, editing should have been even crisp. Even now, twenty-five minutes could be reduced.

Action feast lovers thirsting one like this from last ten months, go and satisfy the tremendous offer from POGARU team.

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