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Posted date: 13 Thu, Apr 2017 09:11:41 AM

Perhaps this one will be a Guinness Record holder rightly observed veteran producer and knowledgeable KCN Chandrasekhar addressing the media at the launch of ‘Rajakumar Suprabhata’. None of the actors in the world cinema have got this opportunity/ It is only Dr Rajkumar. This is very special and rare. Producer of this Ramesh has done a penance in the last five years to come out with ‘Suprabhata on Dr Rajkumar’. KCN recalled the statement of Dr Rajkumar in his speeches.

The Suprabhata on Dr Rajakumar is in audio CD, there are 18 stanzas with different ragas sung by Ajay Warier. LN Goochi has composed music for this film. It is priced at Rs.125. Sony Company has released it to the world market. Producer of the Suprabhata has not only invested five years but 10 lakhs on this project.

The audio CD was released by Sri Koladamata Swamiji in the presence of veterans CV Shivashanker, Prof Doddarange Gowda and KCN Chandrasekhar.

According to CV Shivashanker there is no one who can speak such a flawless Kannada like Dr Rajakumar. Ajay Warier considers this as luck of his life. This is a CD of 26 minutes duration.

Prof Doddarange Gowda appreciating the attempt of Ramesh on ‘Dr Rajakumar Suprabhata’ said even if it is ten years the thought is good. Don’t worry that you have taken five years time. The right man deserves right thing. I knew Dr Rajakumar when I was in PUC in 60’s. Dr Raj used to address me as ‘Meshtre’. No one in Karnataka spoke Kannada like Dr Rajakumar. He is KALASOORYA, this work of Ramesh is ‘Kalanjali to Annavru and for music composer LN Goochi it is ‘Shraddanjali’ he said.

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