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The punch of the film ‘Chakravarthy’ has at last come out from challenging star Darshan. The crux of ‘Chakravarthy’ that is periodic to some extent and comes to the present day focus on home land first!
Manegintha Desha Mukhya is the interesting element of this Chintan debut film – a stalwart writer for stalwarts is the director of this film.
We have some glimpse of Darshan mood on the film prior to release:
·         The film ‘Chakravarthy’ is releasing in over 400 screens. For the first time in Darshan career Multiplex screens are coming out with early morning shows.

·         There are 11 heroes in this ‘Chakravarthy’.

·         I feel happy when fans come up with their own style on the film when the photos and trailer were released. That is in fact very interesting factor. We know where they place us. We have not gone away from what we have said.

·         Sitting in a good place you can think of bad, sitting in bad place you can think of good is another element.

·         There are three shades that carry throughout. The heroine also remains same in three stages.

·         I am not in tension and it is my 47th film. we have different kind of makers and producers. Some intentionally keep the actor away. Some take all possible help and guidance. Then it is 100 percent effort according to me. How will I know this film ‘Chakravarthy’ is 156 minutes film? Darshan places his argument impeccably.

·         For me single screen is important. The multiplex ratio is 12 to 15 percent. Major is single theatres.

·         The dialogue style are jovial, underplay and speaking from expressions are that you can find in ‘Chakravarthy’.

·         I should mention about Siddanth as producer. He has cleared even T and Coffee bill of previous producer and taken the film to his side and not even a small injustice is done. This is very expensive film.  I have not seen a producer who has not heard story till the release of the film. He has high confidence on the team.

·         For fifty percent Chintan adds 80 percent in output. He is the most unsatisfied director I have ever seen. We have not used mobile for shoot. Rest of all has been used in this film.

·         On the hair style for one of the roles I had to wash for eight times from 3 to 8 pm.

·         We wanted an old dolphin size ambassador car. A few of my friends traced the vehicle passing in a road. They traced the original owner and took the vehicle for shoot of this film. That is the extreme of effort.

·         I speak Hindi language a little. It is in Malaysia portions.

·         We have shown the film to four persons who are not connected to cinema. They are not fans but those who give right judgment.

·         When Sarathi was made Dinakar ran the film for one year in the editing table. He is one of the villains in this film.

·         The three – Dinakar, Chintan and Malli are like one person. Anyone is affected all three feel it.

·         In performance my brother Dinakar reminds me my father.


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