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DK BOSE COMEDY MAINSTAY Rating:3.5 /5 ****
Posted date: 15 Fri, Mar 2019 09:15:51 AM

Title – DK Bose, Producers – Santosh Mahantesh and Narasimhamurthy, Direction – Sandeep Mahantesh, Music – Dolwin, Cinematography – Uday Ballal, Cast – Prithvi Ambar, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Shobaraj Pavur, Risha Nijaguna, Basvaraj, Raghu Pandeshwar and others.

This is ‘Break Free Cinemas’ first production – you can easily take a break and watch this film for his well balanced approach of comedy, friendship, reality of life and truth that finally wins.

Sandeep Mahantesh in his direction has given a dry first half and second half goes in good speed with lot of developments.

Two orphans Bharath and Ram strike a deal with one original diamond. They come to a different place to meet the affluence in life by cheating with nineteen other duplicate diamonds. They meet Kadu Huli to this deal and noticing the one original diamond he agrees for a deal. The duo is happy with this amount of Rs. 20 lakhs is in their custody. In this process of deal Bharath falls in love with Nisha. Ram a good friend of Bharath advice him to leave the place after the deal but they do not do so.

Nisha father Shetty who is opting to become an MLA is in search of Bharath and Ram for insult done to him, now Kadu Huli team is also search for Bharath and Ram for fake deal. Police knowing this also reach out to catch Kadu Huli who is wanted in the several cases.

Lot of fun roll out, the truth prevails; the duo handover money to police while police strike a deal with this money but the only one is not DK Bose is Shetty.

The comedy department is looked after well in this film and the diction of Kannada is also good to hear. Prithvi Ambar and Shobaraj Pavur have done well, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor over acts in his role. Nisha is a nice looking girl to watch on silver screen.

The song sung by Gurukiran and Sanchit Hegde are good in contents. Cinematography is not disturbance to the eyes.

This is a film with good substance and demands a watch.

Rating:3.5 /5 ****

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