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It is sixty plus marks for the overall film ‘Ale’ – first major conqueror of  attention is music director Mano Murthy, next attentive work has come up from our colleague Vijaya Baramasagara of Udayavani who has penned dialogues for the film. Debutant Thanush is promising, Aviva Bidappa shows promises of stay, Harshika Poonacha is very beautiful in the title song, Bhavani Prakash lady villain of the film ‘Ale’ will be definitely asset of Kannada cinema industry.

The middle order batsmen doing very fine and opener and tail ender not doing well is the situation for ‘Ale’ Kannada cinema of producer Kiran Kumar Reddy. At the beginning the visuals on the morning show deserved to be better. As the film moves the visuals looks perfect from cameraman Raaj. Again in the end the screenplay turns very usual.

What is ‘Ale’ all about? Young and dashing Kiran falling in love with Geetha with initial hiccups and later reels we find they are childhood friends. There is intruder to this love of Kiran and Geetha. That is Petrol Prasanna – he shouts more than doing anything concrete. In a fraction of second he sees the lovers running away. With three vehicles to his side he is not able to catch. Logic is missing here!

In the climax the revealing of the past and film ending on happy note at Dharmasthala is the expected end.

Thanush in his debut is quite OK but he has to improve. Especially how he looks on silver screen he should take a look and make alterations. Harshika Poonacha looks ‘Harsha’ in her presence. Aviva is fine. A number of veteran actors have extended good support.

Dialogues like Odbeka Saibeka…. Priti Oota Hakalla… Badukak Bidalla, Dham idre direct aagi Hodi, Priti India Etu Biddide adre Pritige Etu Bilabardu…. By father character, Olle Tanna Tegedre Naanu Criminal by hero Thanush – are well worded from Vijaya Baramasagara. Keep it up friend!

Songs like Solu Nanage Agodilla….Adhe Kathara… Ale Ale title song is really Mana Kaduva song!

‘Ale’ is Kannu Haagu Kivi ‘Sele’yuva Chitra!

Title – Ale, Producer – Kiran Kumar Reddy, Chief director – Gopikumar, Direction – Adath, Music direction – Mano Murthy, Cinematography – A Raaja, Cast – Thanush, Harshika Poonacha, Aviva Biddappa, Petrol Prasanna, Bhavani Prakash, Sureschandra, Chandrasekhar, Ramakrishna, Shakeela, Suman Shetty, Padmaja Rao, Harish Roy,  Dubai Rafiq, Soorya Kiran, Biradar, Kempe Gowda, Satish Gowda and others.

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