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Chandra is  Very Entertaining  Film . Shriya Saran Is Simply Super & Lovely Star Prem is Super


·         A very well narrated family story – a royal love story that is having loads of beauty and sensitivities in it.

·         ‘Chandra’ is definitely ‘Poorna Chandra’.

·         When you look at Premkumar as Chandrahasa explaining Chandravathi that is Shriya Saran the best of south India heroines you feel like telling your lover.  He says many appealing words to Chandravathi from the royal family.

·         Although the concept is most concerning issue for all royal families in India for that the government of India has also passed order – the topic is interesting. Those who are in the royal family should get in to royal family only. They should not have marriage with outsiders. The status is the issue in this case.

·         Roopa Iyer explaining the typical issue has given the grandeur for every frame of the film.

·         It is Shriya Saran, Premkumar, PKH Doss and Gautham Srivatsav who giving striking account in the film.

·         The top standard in the song Omkara Ivanu….running with three singers – Badariprasad, Chitra and Madhu Balakrishna makes audience spell bound.

·         The situation reaches romantic pitch when Premkumar song Mouna Mounadali….comes up on screen.

·         It is ‘Iron Box’ flat ‘Sonta’ of Shriya Sarana you would love to watch. She is replica of beauty. When nose ring she looks very traditional. When she lands up in USA the mod costumes flatten all beauty lovers.

·         Roopa Iyer had shown Shriya Saran so beautifully that one would go flat watching her.

·         When ‘Bhadrani’ is handed over to Chandravathi by Chandrahasa the fact stored in the end reveals early.

·         When Rani Saraladevi song Arya arrives it is different tone for the film.

·         Sukumaran – Vivek goes with his sister to USA the deep feelings of Chandravathi also carries but for audience Nee Seleve… thoroughly enjoyable song.

·         When Yash comes up with Dasara festivities as flash back for Shriya Saran it is a good scoring again.

·         Prem Kumar gets opportunity to hold the waist of Shriya Saran and Yash gets good peck on his cheeks from south best beauty Shriya Saran.

·         Roopa Iyer gives a stunning moment when Chandravathi asks her lover Chandrahasa to carry on his lap so that Arya ties the nuptial knot. That is the peak of expression of love as rich and poor barricade wall collapses. The real love wins.

·         PKH Doss the magnificent cameraman of Karnataka has given innumerable shots that are glorious and attractive.

·         Chandra has only one flaw that is the expected story.

·         Roopa Iyer from ‘Mukha Puta’ was social beauty and this ‘Chandra’ is supersonic in its beauty. It is a Royal love!

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