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This one from the proud couple Vijayalakshmi Singh and Jai Jagdeesh is the real Varamahalakshmi festival treat for the Kannada audience. The goddess Lakshmi festival day release ‘Male Barali Manjoo Irali’ hope to get Vijayalakshmi Singh the real victorious lady! This should happen because from the family of Shanker Singh - the daughter Vijayalakshmi Singh leaves a strong promise that is no less than her national pride director brother S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu.

This is a seven star cinema – Vijayalakshmi Singh, Parvathi, Srinagara Kitty, Nagkiran, Ajay Vincent, Mano Murthy and Jai Jagdeesh are the seven stars of this cinema.

The beauty of this pleasant and must watch film is that Vijayalakshmi Singh has shown a very good determination and excellence in all the departments – she has not bored in the explanation, given fine view of the film with lush green of Coorg district, the lovely mountain ranges, the mist, the rain, lovely costumes, delectable editing, marvelous cinematography, fine performance from Jai Jagdish, Parvathi, Srinagar Kitty, Nagkiran takes the film to the greater heights. Mano Murthy’s soothing songs, the centurion BA Madhu dialogues….everything is well measured and maintained on the screen.

The culture and tradition of Coorg is well exhibited in this cinema that has scenic beauty with color, glamour and glitz in every scene.

The siblings Vishwas and Prem (Srinagar Kitty and Nag Kiran) are different in thoughts. Vishwas is introvert – a double degree holder vouching for village life. He has a set back in love. Nayana (Haripriya) prefer foreign stay in her life. So Vishwas is in his village maintaining good crops and talks less but works more.

His brother Prem is an ad film maker. He has shot the photograph of charming Sneha (Parvathi) and madly in love with her. Around that time Sneha has been selected in the campus for Rs.75000 per month salary. Sneha is the fond daughter and she comes to village to live with her father for 30 days. In the 30 days she likes Vishwas immensely for his Good Samaritan works, his silence and ability.

Now we are told in Suntikoppa that Vishwas, Prem the siblings are childhood friends of Sneha. How to unveil the minds of all the three who are in love? It is one side love for Prem, Sneha and Vishwas – all of them have not declared yet. When Vishwas is seen happy in the company of Sneha the father of Vishwas feel it is so nice to see him like this and tells Prem it is his responsibility to keep his happiness in tact.

So the sacrifice No1 rolls out on the screen. But suddenly Nayane enters on the scene and become very friendly, wears the ring in the hands of Vishwas and topsy-turvy you feel. An introvert Vishwas feels it is high time he should explain his mind to Nayana. But before this Sneha on knowing nothing is left in the village except her father decide to go back to join a job. What happens for the final cut of the ‘Male Barali Manjoo Irali’?

We will not tell you but you but you go and watch it on screen for this feel good factor and cool atmosphere the film gives.

This is the career best performance of Srinagar Kitty. He was talkative in Savaari and this is Ulta for him in ‘MBMI’. He looks handsome like Nagkiran and does a good job when he is silent. Nagkiran looks superb and gives an admirable performance.

The top of it all is Parvathi – continuing in her second film in Kannada after ‘Milana’ this heroine has to be watched by all language film makers. Her range is good, ability to emote is in excess, she has learnt Kannada and dubbed deserves many awards this intelligent and unassuming actress.

Jai Jagdeesh who is much higher in his ability in given roles in the last 25 years has taken a daunting task to under play his role. He has come out exceptionally well. The standard he has set in is on part of veterans like Ashwath and Ananthnag. So cool, composes and clear in his delivery of the role. Jai Jagdish should get a best supporting actor for this role.

Mano Murthy is for the mind and heart and Ajay Vincent is for the eyes! Both have done spectacular works. Four songs of this film are melodious and special thanks to Mano Murthy for the lovely background score. Ajay Vincent gives a clear picture of Coorg from his top angle shots that are a treat to watch!

Everyone in life likes ‘Male and Manju’ – you get both the effects for your ticket money! A great job well conceived on screen by Dakshath combines.

Banner – Dakshath Combines, Producers – Vijayalakshmi Singh and Jai Jagdeesh, Music – Mano Murthy, Cinematography – Ajay Vincent, Cast – Srinagara Kitty, Parvathi, Nagkiran, Umasri, Jai Jagdeesh, Hema Chaudhary, Mukyamantri Chandru, Sharan, Sadhu Kokila, Megasri, Haripriya and others.


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