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Title – Oggarane, Banner – Prakashraj Productions, Direction – Prakash Raj, Music – Maestro Ilayaraja, Cinematography – Preetha, Cast – Prakash Raj, Sneha, Samyuktha, Thejus, Achyuth Kumar, Mandya Ramesh, Aishwarya, Urvashi, Sanchari Vijay, Malathi Sardeshpande and others.

What best you can expect from a cinema – it is there in ‘Oggarane’. It is a good food for starving of good entertainment Kannada audience.

A stalwart like Prakash Raj has rightly understood like a good recipe is amalgamated for a good food. He has everything for family audience. He makes you collect salvia at your lips. He has shown the food from the first song of the ‘Oggarane’ so well. Some may even take handkerchief to wife mouth watering. Of course at some place with the miss after intermission he makes audience to collect tears.

For a family it is ‘Boori Bhojana’. The emotions, tantrums, melodious songs, wonderful performances, lovely cinematography and top it all concern of a good cinema seen in every frame.

For those who say why ‘Remake’ this is also an answer because of the feel it gives in our nativity and regional language so precisely.

He does not believe him, she does not believe her. The youths in the respective houses of Kaalidasa and Gowri impersonate. Meghana as Gowri and Naveen as Kalidaas meet up. They fall in love instead of making a match for their seniors at home.

It all starts from ‘Kutti Dose’ episode. The wrong number is wrong footage for Kaalidas and Gowri. On telephone call they are real lovers. The Joan Rainbow cake both jointly made from the history book you would love to try at home. Prakash Raj and Sneha take a bite you feel like snatching it.

Finally it is like ‘Dasara Festival’ for both. Impersonation leads to various complications in the screenplay of Prakash Raj.

It is difficult to say why family audience should not see this film. They have plenty of good reasons to watch this film.

Nanage Villain…when Prakash Raj says there is whistle in the premiere show means how it would be from the fans you just imagine.

Khailash Kher song Ee Janumave aha dorakide..ruchi saviyalu…I jagavide navarasagala una badisalu bisi bisi ide…nalapaaka dina dina noothana…and Bareyada Salanu….are top ones from Jayanth Kaikini. Maestro has done a superb job. One should take a lesson from Maestro Ilayaraja.

Preetha in camera makes you feel comfortable. Every frame is apt and neat.

Prakash Raj has given caption ‘Love is Cooking’ for ‘Oggarane’ you would love to watch. Don’t increase your calories is our advice.


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