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There is certainly hard work from director R Chandru and his team. The importance given to songs to look attractive is something marvelous. The selection of actress Sheela as the main lead is absolutely fine. Giving Rangayana Raghu a sober and touching role is also good. Making the lead actor Ajay to be second fiddle in the few reels and later seeing his character depleting is the observation of the director that is sans Ajay image. Another high point of this film is the superb camera work by Chandrasekhar. In the small lanes and big locations Chandrasekhar camera has been absolutely perfect. The first half is speedy as four songs appear in just 43 minutes!

What is ‘Prem Kahani’ all about? It is about the rich girl from a disciplined family Sandhya falling in love with a coolie Moote Manja. In the Sri Manjunatha Swamy temple premises Sandhya says to Manja that she loves him. Manja loves 10 lorry loads and says the girls in Prem Kahani of this world have not constructed even a bath room for the boys. Sandhya is ready to construct 10 bath rooms for him. But the same Sandhya in the bathroom weeps for very sad state of affairs in life.

Sandhya strict father is obviously grief stricken. He wants to see his daughter in a huge opulent family. He arranges one such but on the first night Sandhya express that she is in love with Manja. She is promptly brought to the small lane by Rajesh where Manja is living. So Sandhya joins Manja. She is tied the Mangalasutra for the second time in one day!

The reels after this are Manja in penury works hard to keep his wife in a happy mood. But after the child nothing is pleasant for Manja. Sandhya joins the computer institute to earn a few thousands but Manja is in deteriorating condition. It is not proper to explain the climax.

It is a very daring role for Sheela. She looks good acted well and dubbing is what lifts the role. Ajay acceptance to this role is itself appreciable. Rangayana Raghu has decent dialogues and he is one among the innumerable parents. Sudha Belawadi as weeping mother is convincing.

Music maestro Ilayaraja makes the audience to remember his olden days of ‘Nammura Mandhara Hoove’. Hodhavne is a fast number, Kogile…is melodious, Ilayaraja singing the songs is not up to the mark. Urvasi instead of Urvashi happens because he has lost touch in Kannada.

Cameraman Chandrasekhar is high scorer of this film. he gets the second place in the ranking while the first place goes to Sheela.

Prem Kahani…Kya Bath Hai – it is a chow chow bath!

Banner – Lakshmi Balaji Films, Producers – KM Vishwanth, G Ravikumar, Story, screenplay, dialogues, direction – R Chandru, Music – Ilayaraja, Cinematography – Chandrasekhar, Cast – Ajay, Sheela, Rangayana Raghu, Sudha Belawadi, Rajesh, Shoba Raghavendra and others.

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