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The 101st film of super star Shivarajakumar with very careful approach by KP Shrikanth and Kantharaj in N Omprakash Rao direction has at last arrived. That is ‘SHIVA’ – a sumptuous food for the fans.

The terrific performance from 50 years very young Shivarajakumar on silver screen, ravishing beauty Ragini, carefully worded dialogues from MS Ramesh, peppy tunes from Gurukiran, high voltage action from Ravi Verma, Palani Raj and Different Danny, exceedingly beautiful cinematography from Sathya Hegde – what all required for commercial flick – you find it in N Omprakash Rao ‘Masala Master’ of Kannada cinema.

The surprises the film gives quite often increases to a higher level when female protagonist Julie pierces her knife out of mistaken identity on ‘Shiva’.

It is repentance later as we all know. The two combined – Julie and Shiva trace the hidden secrets to take final revenge on trio – Ravishanker, Rangayana Raghu and Gurudut.

Shivarajakumar is the power Minister of Karnataka cinema industry, Ragini is the Beauty with nerves, Sathya Hegde is real DOP, Gurukiran of 75 films is the fantabulous music director.

The comedy track of this film – Shobaraj, Bullet Prakash and Shivarajakumar definitely gives you laughter moment in the film.

Why much of Telugu dialogues for Rangayana Raghu, Ravishanker in dialuges stunts again, in simple acting Gurudut shine.

Simple Agi Idre Shivarajakumar, Eddu Nintre Rajakumar – this is the dialogue delivered by Ragini to the opponents favoring Shivarajakumar her counterpart. For the first time Shivarajakumar indirectly spoken about the family of Dr Rajakumar Empire for the film. ‘Nam familyge Ododhu Gottu, Odi Hogodalla’ there is reference to Darshan, Vijay, Upendra and Namma Appu fights – let us fight differently says Shiv with opponents – Shobaraj and Bullet Prakash.

You are crazy says Ragini, that is V Ravichandran says Shiv, you are ‘Huchcha’ says Ragini, that is Sudeep (Huchcha was Sudeep super hit film) says Shiv, Simha Naane Simhada Mari Naane to the opponent, Karnatakadalli Nannatha Asthi Hodeyodu andre enu…. Politics has lost its truthfulness, let us not make Police to that level is another dialogue for the police department, Mosa Vanchane Nam Vamshadalle Illa – it points to the family indirectly, Chakravyuha of today was faced successfully by Ambarish, Like how TN Seshan, Santosh Hegde, Anna Hazare got a place I want to have one page for me says Shiv.

In exhilarating stunts ‘Shiva’ wins, in peppy tunes of Gurukiran – Ooosaravalli Nanna Oosaravalli, Shlle hodi hodi .. Nin odi bandaga…all win the hearts.

The top angle shots of Sathya Hegde are pretty good. Go for the action feast with color, glamour and glitz very much intact in this Company Enterprises film.

Title – SHIVA, Producers – Shrikanth and Kantharaj, Direction – N Om Prakash Rao, Music – Gurukiran, Cinematography – Sathya Hegde, Cast – Shivarajakumar, Ragini, Ravishanker, Shobaraj, Bullet Prakash, Rangayana Raghu, Gurudut, Suchindra Prasad, Suchitra, John Kokkin, Chitra Shenoy, Ravi Kaale and others.

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