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Title - 3 GANTE 30 DINA 30 SECOND, Producers – Chandrasekhar Padmashali and 10 others, Direction – GK Madhusudhan, Music – Sridhar Sambram, Cinematography – Srinivas Ramaiah, Cast - Arun Gowda, Kavya Shetty, Devaraj, Sudharani, Edakallu Chandrasekhar, Jayalakshmi Patil, Yamuna, Meghana, Ramesh Bhat, Srinath Vasishta, Ananthavelu, Vishwa, Hanumanthe Gowda, Yathiraj, TS Nagabharana, Anjinappa are in the cast.

Brainshare Creations has used its brain brilliantly and given a well crafted family film with twists and turns that are essential part of a commercial cinema.

Except that the film is lengthy there is no flaw from newcomer GK Madhusudhan, the artists and technicians have contributed so well to the needs of the production team.

In three hours there is good drama and result is so fine in union minister son marrying the girl whom he almost ditched. The brain is beauty of these three hours. The next 30 days is prolonged in proving Sharmila daughter of Hamsa TV proprietor and stalwart anchor in showing what is love. Sharmila has aversion to love because of a family incident.

Avinash takes a beat for no mistake and the support he gets from his middle class family of mother, father and sister gets him going in accepting the challenge. In this challenge there is a journey. A few situations that Avinash brings before Sharmila are interesting. The argument on what is love and what is not is once again good brain of the director. There you find reuniting of lovers, ‘Prema Dhama’ and HIV affected Ashram. Things come very clear in these three places. When Avinash friend dies of frustration in love, situation becomes worse for him.

It is not just 30 seconds but 30  minutes of the film ‘3 GANTE 30 DINA 30 SECOND’ you cannot miss out. The detailing of this director Madhusudhan on how love erupts in teenage – he refers to the chemical reaction in the body are good to know.

This is a film you cannot miss out for various interesting elements and how it is captured in the camera by Srinivas Ramaiah. This pure original film would definitely grab a few awards in the competitions.

Arun Gowda in his second film as hero looks handsome and worked really hard in his role of Avinash. Chand Ka Tukda is Kavya Shetty. The future heroine of the Kannada cinema is sure to get more lovely offers from this film. She not only looks beautiful but a good performer.

Your heart melts for Prema Dhama couple Sudharani and Devaraj. The dynamic star has given superb performance and it is a usual role for Sudharani. Vijayalakshmi Patil in a small role gathers attention. The parents of Avinash in the house Sundar and Yamuna are apt in selection. Edakallu Chandrasekhar, Hanumathe Gowda, Rathnavelu, Meghana have extended good support.

Srinivas Ramaiah is sure to bag a few awards for his camera angles especially in the exteriors. Sridhar Sambram has given three lovely scores. Tribhuvan dance – introduction of hero Arun Gowda is superb.

This is almost three hours cinema including the interval break. You have a lot to enjoy, entertain and educate.
3/5 ***
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