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Duration – 144 minutes 44 seconds, Category – Love story

Title – 99, Producer – Ramu, Direction – Preetham Gubbi, Music – Arjun Janya (100thfilm), Cinematography – Santosh Rai Pathaje, Cast – Ganesh, Bhavana Menon, Ravishanker Gowda, Jyothi Rai, PD Satish, Hemanth, Saakshi and others.


This is a film for current lovers, former lovers and disenchanted lovers (Bhagna Premigalu). The blossoming of love at school days that is lost in the middle is not down even to a minuscule level from protagonist Ramachandra is the high point of the film. The lover of Ramachandra waiting for long is forced by the circumstances to marry in life. Both have not met for 20 years. Now they meet up with what’s app connection. What is next? You have to watch this film for turn of events in the 20 long years of Janu and Ramachandra.

 To the issue of love Ramachandra is a true Sri Ramachandra. On the other hand S Janaki (Bhavana Menon) never forgets the past and in her heart Ramachandra is still there and weeping best heroine catches her flight to Singapore.


The high point after meeting of old students of Thirthahalli School is the discussion between Ramachandra and Janu. Ramachandra a timid boy in school days is not found suddenly as his family shift to some other place. He had to obey his father. His mind is always towards Jaanu. He follows her move in life. Coming from Mangaluru Ramachandra to Thirthahalli tries to meet her but it is a confusion that keeps them at a distance.


On the pitch dark night traveling in the car Ramachandra and Janu exchange their past. Janu has to catch early morning flight to Mumbai and from there on to Singapore. A few hours she prefers to spend with Ramachandra. She feels again and again that she missed him as life partner as destiny had something in store.


‘Nanu Santoshavagiddene andre Nemmadi Agiddene’ she says referring to her husband and daughter living in Singapore. Ramachandra showcasing how he has maintained his love makes even the audience to feel very sorry for this missing of Janu for him in life. The white shirt that has ink mark from Janu which he maintains for 20 long years touches the heart of Janu.


In the vicious circle of life, no one can escape the play of destiny. Ramachandra not married yet in life lives in memory of Janu. His Google account, his password etc are filled with Janu. 


The film reaches another level when Janu comes to stay in the flat of Ramachandra, the travel photographer now. She changes her clothes, wears the one of Ramachandra, at the complete darkness the treat for Ramachandra is the song ‘Akasha Deepavu Neene…Ramachandra has been waiting for 20 long years to hear from Janu. 


In emotions, silence and second half looks Golden star Ganesh wins the hearts. We don’t have talkative Ganesh is the only minus point.


Bhavana Menon is right choice to the extent of 96 percent (film is remake of 96 Tamil film), she looks so beautiful, her emotions are fantastic, her cry for missing Ramachandra is what makes the audience collect emotions. Ayyo Yakappa Ivaribbarannu Jothe serisalilla is the level audience would feel.


Ravishanker Gowda, Jyothi Rai and school days Janu and Ramachandra played by Saakshi and Hemanth have given terrific performance.


Arjun Janya in his 100th film has given haunting melodies that are too good with lyrics and singing. Heli Hogu Kaarana….Gamana Selada Modala Huduga and background score is attractive.


Santosh Rai Pathaje camera work gives ‘Santosha’ even in difficult moments of the protagonists on screen. 


In this remake director Preetham Gubbi could have fastened up the first half and in second half there is enough stuff to hold the attention. The flash back mixing is delectable in this ‘99’ Kannada film.


Go and watch this film that is serene and sensible in contents. 

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