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It is Rs.2000 currency note in the center stage of the film ‘Aa Ondu Notu’. It has the final numbers of 102102 on Rs.2000 note. The travel of this note and the change of perception of each and every person form the crux of the film according to producers Jagadish MK and Premnath G.

For producer Jagadish it has been 12 years travel in the industry. He made Putani Safari in 2017 and for the story made in 2010 keeping in mind Rs.1000 note he is bringing it on screen with Rs.2000 note that is in circulation today. Premnath is co producer of the film. He is quite happy with the shaping up of the film. The Vyakthitwa change of people with this currency note is very interesting for the masses.

Rathnatanaya says hero of the film is Rs.2000 currency note. All characters move with this currency note and it is just one note of last number 102102 that moves from a lorry driver, a widow, club owner, bar employee, a rich person, a businessman etc. There are nearly 75 dialogue artists in this film says director. He has worked in the camp of Anand P Raju and S Mahender in the past.

Kaushik has scored music for three songs, Veer Samarth has done the background score with the requirement of the director and music director. He is confident of good reports for this film.

The shoot for the film in 30 plus days was held at Mullayyana Giri, Bababudan Giri, Kanakapura, Kalasipalya market, general hospital, medical college etc.

Aditya Shetty is paired with Megha first timer in this film, Gautham Kumar is bar owner, Ashwini Haasan a lorry driver gets a chance to dance in this film, Silli Lalli Anand is a thief, Usha Ravishanker is Gayyali, Arjun Kitty is editor of his 7th film.

Friends Film Factory ‘Aa Ondu Notu’ has Ravi Verma cinematography,K Kalyan and Harish Gowda lyrics, assistance in direction from Prajwal SP etc.

Also in the cast are Gopalakrishna Deshapande, Bala Rajavadi, Jagadish MK, Saakshi, Akshata Pandavapura, Jayaram, Gowda, Kantharaj, Sachin, Sreshta, Ashok, Giri and others.

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