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After a long gap actor Ramkumar is back in action. He has taken up a highly adored Sri Vishwaradhya Siddipurusha of Abbe Tumkur in Yadgir Taluk. The film started on the festival of three days of Sri Vishwaradhya Siddipurusha is now releasing exactly after one year in February.

This is the 99th film of Om Saiprakash for Vishwa Ganga Production, Dr Gangadhara Mahaswamiji of Mahasamsthana is producer of this film with support from devotees.

On Wednesday evening addressing the media at Dr Ambedkhar Bhavan, Sri Gangadhara Mahaswamiji highlighted the significance of the religious place and how devotees are satisfied with the miracles. How the actors in the role of Sri Vishwaradhya were considered as divine was explained by Swamiji. He has given a few tips that have been incorporated by Saiprakash.

Om Saiprakash a devotee of Sri Saibaba since 1963 came to know the significance of Sri Vishwaradhya two years ago and made a study on what should be fed to the people on the significance. Firstly the language of Jawari is utilized with the professor of a college support. On 20th February where the festival is taking place the film will be released at this place.

When who should be in the role of Sri Vishwaradhya we have chosen Ramkumar for the role. I feel it is chosen by Sri Vishwaradhya and in rainy season the shooting was not disturbed explains the miracle of Sri Vishwaradhya Swamiji. There are 75 well known artists in this film says Sai Prakash. Director Saiprakash has taken note of the stage plays on Sri Vishwaradhya. He has incorporated 16 songs in this film. Balaram has composed music.

Ramkumar feels blessed to act in this special film of his career. All artists have worked with admiration and done the work as our responsibility. I came to know about the admiration of the people on Sri Vishradhya and they used to consider me in that status and touch the feet.

It is a god sent role for me in my career. I was emotional doing the brother role of Sri Vishwaradhya says Harish Raj. The three stages of the pivotal role, Harish Raj stays.

Vijay Kiran and Jayanth have done child and adolescent characters of Sri Vishwaradhya in this film. Nayana hailing from northern Karnataka (of comedy kiladigalu) was waiting for a film of her region. In fact her friends were forcing her to take a film of Northern Karnataka. That is happening from this film.

Disha Poovaiah is impressed with simplicity and nature of Ramkumar a senior actor while performing in this film. 
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