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The most expected film of Ajatha Shatru Dr Ambarish son Abhishekh Ambarish ‘Amar’ pre release media meet at Sandesh Hotel in Gandhinagar revealed many hidden topics and for some of the wishes Dr Ambarish had told the demand of the script is very important. The film is slated for release on 31st May in over 300 screens in Karnataka.

The Tamil super star Rajanikanth wanted even a beggar role in the film, Mohan Babu famous Telugu actor also best friend of Dr Ambarish wanted to appear as villain in the film, Chrianjeevi mega star showed interest = for all his friends wishes Dr Ambarish given a quiet reply – the subject should demand, then only my friends appear.

Apparently the subject not demanded it; the top close friends of Dr Ambarish did not appear. Yet we have challenging star Darshan, Rachita Ram, Nirup Bhandari and a few others in the guest role of Abhishek launch pad ‘Amar’.

In addition to all such there was thought of Dr Ambarish and his colleagues in cinema industry in a song ala the ‘Om Shanthi Om’….style. That could not materialize. After Ambarish demise this thought was given up. A special song in Kodava language from lyrics of Kiran Kaverappa sung by Jassie Gift was later added in which Darshan appears. The Kannada version of it will also be released later on. Arjun Janya had done the music for the film.

Dr Ambarish in fact had seen the first half of the film and after Switzerland return the director Nagashekhar wanted to share a few contents of the film but Ambarish in his style said no need to see, you would have done well.

Abhishekh Ambarish after knowing dad had seen the first half of the film switched off the mobile and remained at home. He was expecting a call from his father. It did not come. Next day morning he called up and inquired other things except his acting. After dodging his son for some time Ambarish gave a positive reply on Abhishek performance.

In the beginning of the film Dr Ambarish told a few laxities in Abhishek. Among a few the walking style of my so was not good Ambarish told director Nagashekhar. That was taken care with camera technique of Sathya Hegde also working out.

The film ‘Amar’ in Sandesh Combines is based on a real life story of 90’s in a Panchabhashe Taare career says Nagashekhar.

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