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Title – ARYAN , Banner – Dream Weaver Entertainment, Producers – Druva Das and D Kamar, Direction – D Rajendra Babu and Chi Gurudut, Music – Jassie Gift, Camera – Chandrasekhar, Cast – Dr Shivarajakumar, Ramya, Raghu Mukerjee, Archana Gupta, Sharat Babu, Vinayaprasad, Bullet Prakash and others.
A big salutation to legendary director D Rajendra Babu for giving a family oriented film. With sports based in the background there are a few Kannada films. This ‘Aryan’ is amazing in parts because of some fine thought in director D Rajendra Babu.
Like how he used to affectionately describe the scenes on the muhurut day behind Prasad Studio in Kanteerava studio – the scenes have come so well. It is full control exercised by Dr Shivarajakumar and Ramya in powerful situations of the film that deserves kudos.
What best is needed for a family audience you get it in this film. There is misconception, affection, defection, sacrifice, lighter moments, concern for the country etc in one film ‘Aryan’. For making this film to happen finally with leadership of Chi Gurudut one should congratulate him.
The screenplay narration is gripping because audiences are not allowed to so easily know developments so easily. The past and present mixture holds the attention.
Aryan is on the run and he has been appointed to train by Surendra Patil Academy that is progressing at the international level. Getting a gold medal for the Academy is the goal of Aryan.
In the flashback we know that Shwetha in love with Aryan has lost her 2007 gold medal as she was tested in the dope positively. Shwetha in a fit of anger moves away from the life of Aryan as she wanted him to support in this case. Back home Shwetha agrees for a marriage suggested by her father a multi millionaire.
Back to foreign land we see Shwetha married to Surendra Patil. Aryan is here to train students to participate in SAF games.
This is the time for Aryan to clear the misconception. He narrates how Shwetha father played foul game and that makes Shwetha repent for her mistake. On the other hand we get to know the love of Shwetha is also strong as she had not shared the bed with her husband Surendra Patil in the last four years.
Developments turn tragic when thing are OK. Surendra Patil on his way to New York is killed in road accident. The director diligence is so good at this point that he does not bring together Aryan and Shwetha together.
Brilliant is Dr Shivarajakumar in emotional scenes, fights and dance. Ramya is superb throughout. She looks a little fat and given a peerless performance. Raghu Mukerjee is too good in his role. Archana Gupta talent is wasted. Sumithramma and Sharat Babu are admirable in supporting roles. Comedy of Bullet Prakash is quite OK but why so much of Tamil dialogues?
Jaasie Gift has gifted three good tunes. Puneeth Rajakumar song is worth a dekko and worth a hearing too. The duet song is melodious. The strength of lyrics is in top order.
KS Chandrasekhar cinematography is a feast before the festival season of this ‘Shravana Maasa’. Go watch this film without fail.
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