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BABRU BOMBASTIC!- Rating 4/5 ****
Posted date: 06 Fri, Dec 2019 09:35:23 AM

Duration – 113 minutes, Category – Thriller, Rating – 4/5

Title – BABRU, Producer – Yuga Creations, Direction – Sujai Ramaiah, Music – Poornachandra Thejaswi, Cinematography – Sumukh and Sujai Ramaiah, Cast – Mahi Hiremath, Suman Nagarkar, Rethosdo, Sanni Moja, Prakruthi Kashyap and others.

Living in America for a long time the Kannada film permanent ‘Beladingala Baale’ Suman Nagarkar and her husband as executive producer Gurudev Nagaraj have come up with an intelligent film that even raises the standards of audience. The film shot completes in USA is also the top visual treat audience gets. The team of educated class making a delectable film is worth watching for various reasons.

The first half is a plain Dosa like the plain roads to Vancouver from Mexico. The second half is ‘Masala Dosa’ with sweet Kesari bath as the actors here in this film are precisely picked.

Between the take off and the landing of the 113 minutes film – there are several twists and turns.

For hiring the car BABRU there are two in the list. Whoever comes first is the order of clearing documents. Sana (Suman Nagarkar) gets the car but last minute landing of Arjun (Mahi Hiremath) changes the calculations. He makes an urge as the destination is same with Sana. They hire the car to reach Vancouver. Sana is going to finish off her marital issue while Arjun is going to propose his fiancé for last three years Maya.

In the middle of journey BABRU car back left tire is punctured. The replacement takes place with passerby team. To the duo adds Justhova in the car who claims as a farm worker! On the other hand a drug peddler Fredrick is in contact with the huge drug container.

Arjun a student eager to meet Maaya and Sana are in surprise again when they discover Jesthova in the car is a police agent and he has come to save the duo. The additional surprise open up is the spare tire inside the car containing drugs and a detector instrument.

There are few more as the film reaches the climax stage that you have to watch it on silver screen. The bags exchange between Maya and Sana (she is also Srishti), it is another big surprise from Arjun. Go watch this film Yaar!

Suman Nagarkar has given a cool and tidy performance, the new find from this film Mahi Hiremath has come out brilliantly. He has a good fortune ahead in case he stays back in India after this film.

Sujai Ramaiah in his debut direction has given some doubts in the minds of the audience as the climax comes to end. The role of farm worker cum police agent is good, Maya fiancé role has interesting dialogues.

Cinematography of duo Sujai Ramaiah and Sumukh is what gives a visual treat. Poornachandra Thejaswi new attempt in scoring music also gets recognition.

An easy and cool watch is this ‘BABRU’.


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