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Title – Badmash, Banner - Vibha Kashyap Productions, Direction – Akash Srivatsav, Music – Juda Sandy, Cinematography – Srisha Kuduvalli, Cast – Dhananjay, Sanchita Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, Jahangir, Ramesh Bhat, Ramesh Pandit, B Suresha, Prakash Belawadi, Srinivasa Prabhu, Biradar, Suchindra Prasad, Pannagabharana, Lakshmi Anand, Bengaluru Nagesh, MS Umesh, Gaurish Akki, Avinash Shetty, Karadi Somu, Soorya Vasishta have appeared.

A new director in the commercial entertainer slot has taken birth. No doubt about it. The need of the hour of this young Akash Srivatsa is the effort for making first half gripping and engaging. It is just a build up and ancient in style of narration.

The second half is loaded with tricks. The performance of Achyuth Kumar, Dhananjay and Sanchita Shetty is impressive with many goons put down with the muscle power of the protagonist. Ond Game Adona….ond swalpa Kathe Kelona…

‘Badmash’ is 124 minutes film by Vibha Kashyap production. The protagonist Vijay (Dhananjay) is a deal master and his pet saying is ‘Ond Game Adona’ – there is no time for introduction he says his opponents. He is in love with Priya. Both are childhood friend is what they realize later.

Here is a ‘King’ (Achyuthkumar) who wants to become a chief minister. His priest makes a forecast that he should marry a girl born on ‘Grahana’ day. That is Priya. You would find a slightly changed thought in ‘Rathavara’ – to become a chief minister taking a look of the dead eunuch is a must.

In this ‘Badmash’ the power of Vijay is so high, he uses his brain looking at ‘Power Star’ Puneeth Rajakumar posters. He is effortless in his work. Director Akash Srivatsa in the second half used all his brain to make it guessing and appealing.

How Vijay successfully hand over the precious jewel that ‘King’ has usurped, how he gets back his lady love you have to watch on silver screen.

This is the best of Dhananjay from his DSP to ‘Badmash’. He looks grand, action is good and dance needs improvement and monotonous dialogue should change in the coming films.

Sanchita Shetty is Chand Ka Tukda. She has a role that needed both glamour and performance. Achyuthkumar wins in his role of a politician.

There are three good tunes from Juda Sandy. The cinematography is also on top gear like the action handled in the film.

‘Badmash’ deserves a good bash in the theatres.


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