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Title – Bhadri Vs Madhumathi, Producer – Pradeep GP, Druvajith Reddy and Prathaap Pawan, Direction – Shankarnarayan Reddy, Music – Elwin Joshwva, Cinematography – Shanker Aradhya, Cast – Pratap Pawan, Akanksha Gandhi, Jahangir, Kempe Gowda, Girish Jatti, Ravikumar, Aravind Bolaar and others.

The personal life of soldier Badri that takes emotional love journey is backed by a few good songs and cinematography.

This film made in Kannada and Telugu by director Shankarnarayan Reddy brings some relief for his patriotic contents. The soldier proud son of Bharat ‘Bhadri’ part of surgical strike is perhaps the first Kannada film that showcases the adventure. Secondly the dialogues between soldier Bhadri and his senior is really what happened especially after the ‘Pulwama’ case in real life.

When it comes to personal life of Bhadri, he is in love with Madhumathi. He makes a few sacrifices for her. Madhumathi on one fine day seeks friendship from Bhadri. That is because of Madhumathi family background.

Madhumathi is compelled to agree to her father decision of marriage to someone. This puts down the courage of soldier. He takes to alcohol sitting in his jeep and one side of a river.

Do you think that marriage of Madhumathi is successful with another person? You have to know about this part watching the film.

Prathap Pawan looks good on screen, his emotions are good but a strong mind soldier going so weak towards love is what worries.

Akanksha Gandhi as Madhumathi looks pretty, Kempe Gowda as friend is very supportive in his role.

There is one haunting tune from music composer Elwin Joshua. Cinematography has given right visuals – one at the rainy shots is too good.

Rating:3/5 ***

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