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Posted date: 13/September/2009

Channayya bahala channagi Bale Thodisthane, astrology saha Kai Nodi Helthane! Whatever he has said turned true. That is his ancestral job. He does not see the hands of Cheluvi. Then and there itself the audience would get a doubt.

What is that doubt that crops up? You have patience to sit through for two and half hours in this music based culture fixed film go and watch it.

The bangle seller attending various functions in the cultural based village families is still today in existence. Catching one such rural backdrop for the film director Saiprakash has made another ‘Janumadha Jodi’ climax for ‘Bagyadha Balegara’!

It is a huge film with eight songs. Before interval two fights and four songs appear on the screen. Remaining four songs and some screaming dialogues appear in the post interval.

Jeevanave Jeevantha Hena ago Paristhithi strikes! The bangle seller Channayya and Cheluvi from the poverty stricken family have fallen in love. Cheluvi brother money hunger and Channayya’s mother money hunger puts the life in doldrums for the sincere lovers.

Finally Channayya looks at the lines of the Cheluvi and he is shocked as the curtains fall down in the theatres.

This one is emotional best again from Shivarajakumar. Navya Nair looks buxom and bogged down in acting. Shoba Raghavendra screams a lot, Sadhu Doddanna pair shouts a lot and comedy does not go with the story of the film.

The appearance of Sudharani in gallu Gallenutha….and Anu Prabhakar in Balegara Channayya Bagilige Bandihanu… added attractions in this film.

Seenu in his camera has worked hard. Sounder Raj editing is impressive. Ilayaraja has given old tunes to the present days!

Bhagyavantharu Naavu Bhagyavantharu…you cannot say like this for this film!

Banner – Simhadri Productions, Producer – Ramesh Kashyap, Direction – Om Saiprakash, Cinematography – MR Seenu, Music – Ilayaraja, Cast – Shivarajakumar, Navya Nair, Shoba Raghavendra, Mico Shivu, Adhi Lokesh, Sudharani, Anu Prabhakar and others.

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