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Posted date: 01 Sun, Jul 2018 09:02:26 PM

Director: M L Prasanna

Cast: Harshika Poonacha, Yashas Surya, Deepika, B M Giriraj

For some time now, several dozens of ghosts/spirits have been haunting Sandalwood. While many of them have managed to scare away the audience from the theatres, but this one which comes in the form of a butterfly, and shines bright in white!

Despite the same old revenge saga of a restless soul, the horror comes with a beautiful ghost making all the right impression, for a haunting experience. The butterfly opens up with a newly married couple moving into a luxurious bungalow.

The pretty butterfly soon starts to haunt the couple with a mission to accomplish. Harshika Poonacha excels with one of her best performances till date in her decade long journey.

The first half is a mix of scary acts with some sensible humour apart from romance and a couple of songs. On the technical side, the background score does the trick in keeping the audience on the edge of their seat for a thrilling experience.

The butterfly changes its colour just before the interval, revealing the real face of the ghost. Surprisingly, it is not ugly nor scary. Deepika of the fame of Kulavadhu teleserial shines bright in white.

While the ghost takes its own time in revealing the actual intentions over bothering the couple, the tale gathers some pace in connected the missing dots. The talented Yashas is at his usual best, but it is the two leading ladies who steal the show in the end. Watch Chitte, as it it flies high on entertainment.

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