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The 2006 Hindi film by Priyadarshan ‘Malamal Weekly’ is Dakota Picture in Kannada has the main issue of greed for money leading to various ups and downs.

The realization point in this film that puts down the heads in shame for what they have done is another pertinent point to the present scenario. There is no repentance for foul thinking and self respect is going to dogs ‘Dakota Pictures’ becomes very serious from 10 reels of comedy track.

The village ‘Ramapura’ flooded with people that has scarcity of water is affected with poverty. People are in hunger. They are dominated by money lender. It is Lachayya who changes his track of business to lottery ticket that gives a start to the piquant situation. One of the lottery ticket buyers Anthony (Raju Thalikote) informing his kiths that he had won Rs.1 crore in the lottery dies because of over joy. Without knowing that Anthony had told his kiths on his winning it is Lachcya who uses the situation. He picks the lottery from the dead Anthony and this is observed by Mallanna (Mukyamantri Chandru). Krishna not getting approval for the hand of Mallanna daughter Radha knows Anthony body transported. He gets one third share from one crore. The trio are about to clear the body of Anthony but the villagers cause worries. Krishna is asked to transport the body but some more mishaps leads to body missing. The body of Anthony is now a big question for the trio. Slowly all come to know that Anthony is dead. Now Mary sister of Anthony also arrives on the scene. It is complications manifold. The arrival of lottery officer to get proof of Anthony is once again piquant situation for all. Mallanna is asked to pretend as Anthony. Before the lottery amount coming to the hand thousands of people are claimants for this amount.

All the senior actors – Doddanna, Mukyamantri Chandru, Raju Thalikote, Mandip Rai are at ease. Rockline Venkatesh and Om Prakash Rao not like ‘Dakota Express’ provides relief. The sweet look of Nikesha Patle is like a fresh air.

Hamsalekha has showed his power of seniority in re=recording. Two songs are meaningful and peppy. Jagadish Wali using the Cova lens and Arie 3 has given wonderful results.

‘Dakota Picture’ is as sweet as the sweet pecks Rockline Venkatesh takes from Nikesha Patel. Go watch it.

Title – Dakota Picture, Producer – Rockline Venkatesh, Direction – N Omprakash Rao, Music – Hamsalekha, cinematography – Jagadish Wali, Cast – Rockline Venkatesh, Mukyamantri Chandru, Doddanna, Shashikumar, Nikesha Patel, Omprakash Rao, Manadip Rai, Raju Thalikote, Malathi Sardeshpande and others.




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