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Title – Crack, Producers – Vijaykumar Y and Shanker Ilkal, Direction – Ramnarayan, Music – Dr Shamita Malnad and S Chinna, Cinematography - Javed K Ganesh, Cast – Vinod Prabhakar, Akanksha, Dattanna, Aravind Rao, Kaddipudi Chandru, Padmaja Rao, Umesh, Giri, Sidlingu Sridhar, Victory Vasu and others.
Venkatesh UDV editing, Vinod, Mass Mada and Kungfu Chandru stunts, Dhankumar, Raghu and Mohan dance, Prabhu art direction part of the technical team.
From ‘Tyson’ to ‘Crack’ the duo of Vinod Prabhakar and Ramnarayan has made some changes without banking much on the action capabilities of Tiger Prabhakar son Vinod. Ramnarayan has concentrated on captivating narration; Vinod Prabhakar has given a top class performance besides his regular forte of action.
The film ‘Crack’ protagonist is very intelligent but he is a real crack when it comes to antisocial elements. His encounters are shocking to the police department.  Such a crack is deployed to trace the killing of eleven persons in a row in the same style with a long sharp edge weapon.
The Home Minister in fact gives the charge for Crack to handle the killings that are shocking. Crack (Vinod Prabhakar) asks for no questioning in his work. When it is granted he goes on fetching the ‘Gaja’ gang as the first clue for nefarious activities. Keeping this gang in his custody he operates on the further track he is supposed to travel.
The findings of Crack brings him to Chennai, it is at this place he is also responsible for emotional bondage of brother and sister. The track is not that easy till then for Crack. He finds the clue in the house where he stayed for a few days.
That is Kannan from his investigation finding. When he digs further he comes to know some disturbing facts. It is so disturbing that it is not proper to explain because you would know the suspense part of the film.
With new hairstyle and Khakhi on Vinod Prabhakar he is cool and crack to be precise. His address at sometime is so cool and he dashes very strong on opponents.
Akanksha looks beautiful but a little fat on the screen. Aravind Rao is superb in his portion, Arjun newcomer is quite OK, Padmaja Rao in tears is apt, Dattanna has a small role in this film. Victory Vasu as senior cop is quite OK.
There are a few good tunes from firs time composer Dr Shamita Malnad and Chinnu. Melody is not missing is the plus point. Cinematography at the outdoor is very well captured.
Stunts is another major plus point of this film. Anandapriya dialogues are well written.
 This is worth a ‘Dekko’!
3/5 ***
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