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Title – DARPANA, Producers – Edward D Souza, Direction – Karthik Venkatesh, Music – Karthik Venkatesh, Cinematography – Dhanush, Suryodaya and Sachin, Cast – Aravind Rao, Rafiq, Chytra, Sriram, Yathiraj, Madhura Chitra, Sharanya, Sandeep Malani and others.

Here is a youngster Karthik Venkatesh loaded with lot of ideas, hard work and novel style of making. The God Verses Science theory in his first film ‘Darpana’ is a long and protracted film. There are very interesting factors the film carries for thrill lovers. With over 15 responsibilities discharging in his first film Karthik Venkatesh stands out as a man of full of energy. Technically, the film should have been on higher level. The 3D song in the midst of the film was deserved to be better.

There is a psychopath (Sriram) who is behind killings of ABCDEFG – who are they? Arun Kumar, Basheer Khan, Chandana, Diganth, Eshwar, Farhaan and Govind! The psychopath is culprit for all these killings and the lover he is aspiring is ditching him.
The psychopath has problem of inferiority complex from his childhood. So he is on rampage. He kills his father Arun Kumar first and later on successfully a few more in unique ways. The police commissioner has a wrath. He loses his child and wife in the psychopath activities.

At one point of time Police commissioner Aravind Rau meets with an accident and psychopath is shot by the police. Both are brought to the same hospital. At this time father of Police Commissioner a scientist takes a strange step to replace the memorizer of dead psychopath in the brain to the brain of police commissioner. According to the sources available this shift of memorizer would have full data bank in tact when transplanted.
When psychopath brain gets in the wounded commissioner of police what happens? That is for you to watch this kind of scientific film. The doctors working on this oppose initially but take a chance.
Aravind Rao has given his best so far. He is the hero of the film from side roles all these days. He has huge cut out also in front of Movieland theatre. He has given good variations. Rafiq has a different role to play of a scientist. Sriram as psychopath has done well in his role.
The songs are average and cinematography is quite OK at some places. This film needs some scissors so that it will be crisp and tidy. For example the 3D song is not required, the killing account what Aravind Rao with transplant of brain from psychopath could be edited.
Whatever said and done Karthik Venkatesh is brilliant. He has to give work for editor in him to make more challenging films in future.
3/5 ***
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