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The 2007 February release ‘Dhuniya’ was TP Siddaraju cinema. A record in collection cinema title got in to controversy when youngster Chala made a story in 2017 and named the film ‘Dhuniya 2’ to Yogish, son of TP Siddaraju.

Without informing Chala and team TP Siddaraju and Yogish announced ‘Dhuniya 2’. That obviously irked. The title is in the hands of director Chala and producer Krishna Raj. The legal battle commenced. It took one and half years. Finally Chala got the title of ‘Dhuniya 2’ and TP Siddaraju had to be content with Yogi Dhuniya as title.

With a new hero Rajai ‘Dhuniya 2’ has shot for four days in Maharashtra. It is moving to Mysuru and Gokarna for rest of the shooting. Director Chala made ‘Andavada’ and ‘Nam Hudgi Kharchgondu Mafia’. The film ‘Dhuniya 2’ has mass appeal; mother sentiment a scooter garage boy and garment worker heroine love story is packed. Utpal Kumar of ‘Soda Buddi’ is in a prominent role. There is political touch. When a certain locality is relooked after sometime – there are many changes. This aspect if also part of the film says director Chala. This is four and half crore cinema says Chala on the budget of the film.

Producer Krishnaraj was looking for a right subject and team to launch his first film. he is close to Ravi Pujar of Mangaluru.

Rajai acted in paltry roles in films like Dheena, Circle Rowdy, Bindhaas, 18th cross and took up dance, stunts, and martial arts for this film purpose.

Harini is playing the mother to hero is very happy with the role that last long on the film with or without presence.

Harish Sandekoppa is cameraman, Gautham and Arjun are scoring music. The poster of the film was released by Mallikarjun, Chukki, DYSP and others on the dais at Sanctum Hotel on Friday afternoon.
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