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Title – Kannadakkagi Ondannu Oththi, Producers – Edabidangi Talkies, Direction – Kushal, Cinematography – Rishikesh, Music – Arjun Janya, Cast – Avinash S Shathamarshana, Chikkanna, Krishi Tapanda, Dattanna, Suchindra Prasad, Rangayana Raghu, HMT Vijay, Ravi, Jayasri, Sathi and others.

What a fine attempt by Edabidangi Team. They are really not ‘Edabidangi’ but crystal clear in approach. The only laxity is the length of the film. Had the film is pruned by twenty minutes ‘Kannadakkagi Ondanny Oththi’ would have been a real feast.

Kushal in his first direction has worked well on his screenplay, he narrates his films in three major flashbacks but the editor in him prominent for this 145 minutes cinema the scene would have been different. He could have cut off Dattanna portion and narrated it in just one sentence to explain the literary alertness in protagonist.

There is high class performance, glorious cinematography by Rishikesh, soothing music by Arjun Janya, dialogues are very casual and close to heart. We have not seen Chikkanna like this before in his successful career. The handsome and good looking Avinash has good going in his career as the start is delectable. Krishi Tapanda has also her career best role.

What is this ‘Kannadakkagi Ondannu Oththi’? It is what the Prameya (Krishi) says in a conversation after reading Avinash article in a weekly tabloid. The love that blossom is purely because of qualities in this film. At the time of interval we get to know Prameya is missing after Avinash return from Hubballi.

In the second flash back of Gharjane Chandru (Chikkanna) there is school days love of him with Setru Magalu. After 10th standard Setru Magalu moves to city. That is the tragedy for Chandru. This portion is the funniest part of the film and a small pruning is possible.

In the third flash back we see missing Prameyi with another tragic tale. At this time we have surprise. Avinash and Chandru hearing to this tale are in jinxed situation. You have to watch further – interesting turn of the film on silver screen.

Kushal and team hard work is seen in making every frame neat and tidy. The problem is only with inconsequential scenes. Otherwise it is a paisa vasool cinema. At one point of time the climax comes to the level of ‘Nammura Mandhara Hoove’ of Sunil Kumar Desai but suddenly takes a shift.

This is worth watching film because good contents, good narration, fine performance and good technicalities. Yee Kannadakkagi Ondannu Oththi – you can easily say it is ‘4*’ cinema!

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