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Posted date: 18/May/2010

Hamsalekha the pride of our state says what he does. Long back he said he is doing a film with students of Desi College that he has started. Now he is fulfilling what he has said. He is producing an art film ‘Bhagavathi Kaadu’ in Hamsalekha Images Private Limited’ banner with 38 students of first year degree and post graduation classes in the cast and well known off beat film director K Shivarudraiah heading the megaphone and another stalwart cameraman S Ramachandra is behind the camera.

The film of Hamsalekha ‘Bhagavathi Kadu’ based on the short story of Kum Veerabhadrappa will be shot under a huge Margo tree that is situated in Nagapura village of Hospet Taluk in Bellary district. In 45 degree hot sun temperature the shooting will be held in 25 days.
Giving a wonderful start to the film Hamsalekha disclosed that a very few artists who are in regular touch are acting with the first years students of DPA and BPA of Hamsalekha Desi College.

The bunch of artists holding the slate that bear Kannada letters from Aa to Aaha plus Ya Ra La Va….and the Kannada numbers waving for the song Hanebaraha Embudalla Sullu Hidi Beku Maklu Berlu…was stored in the camera by S Ramachandra as Vice President of KFCC BN Gangadhar switched on the camera and Shekhar of Zee Kannada sounded the clap board.

For the 28 long years ago written story by Kum Veerabhadrappa director Shivarudaiah is adding some of his real life incidents happened in Pavagada and other locations. The film dates back to 1970-73. Shivarudraiah has taken VRS from his government job and this is first after that. His last film ‘Daatu’ won many accolades.

Working in the 45 plus centigrade of hot weather is the challenge says veteran cameraman S Ramachandra. I have good jelling with director Shivarudraiah because he knows the photography job said SR.

A useful advice has come from top notch Dr Girish Kasaravalli for this film. After reading the short story ‘Bhagavathi Kadu’ Dr Girish said it is possible to make the cruelty physical to turn as mental. He is happy with the topic of ‘Environment’.

Achyuth Kumar the silent and sensible performer like Ananthnag plays the Kannada school teacher in ‘Bagavathi Kadu’.

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