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I 1 IT IS A 1 -Rating 3.5/5 ****
Posted date: 06 Fri, Dec 2019 09:26:17 AM

Duration – 120 minutes, Category – Thriller, Rating – 3.5/5

Title – I1, Producer – Shylaja Prakash, Direction – RS Rajakumar, Music – Vibhin R, Cinematography –Shinob T Chaco, Cast – Kishor, Dheeraj Prasad and Ranjan.

This is a novel attempt delectably handled and the inspiration undoubtedly ‘Aatagara’ (that is inspired from ‘And then there were none of Agatha Christie novel). Yet a film with just three characters and all of them are deep down stuck up in a TT creates lot of curiosity in the beginning.

Director Rajakumar has prepared a social concern theme that he arrives at the end of the film but the producer Shylaja Prakash a teacher by profession picking up this script deserves applaud.

On the one side the corruption is taken to task, secondly the children living with such corrupt money should question the parents the film suggests and finally the climax is something different with three struck in the Tempo Traveler.

The surprise for Vishwas a doctor of a huge hospital, Siddarth son of a mayor and Arjun son of Builders Association President is that they are not aware where they are hidden. It is 20 feet down the wet land and it is only air for the three to breath is passed plus every 10 minutes the speaker is the villain of this film.

The speaker puts the first demand that a Hospital management of Vishwas, Mayor and Builder Association President to come out with the land they have acquired inappropriately. That is a toughest task. The second demand is to transfer Rs.150 crores to his account from all the three.

Accruing Rs.150 crores is another task but before that Arjun is killed by other two inside the TT after a friction. Before the final stages Siddarth also succumb to death from Vishwas as the mud passes inside the TT – it is a final countdown – a chat with Vishwas that breaks out the criminal records of all the three trapped inside TT.

Three youths Kishor, Dheeraj Prasad and Ranjan have given sterling performance. They have really struggled.

The dubbing artist Puneeth (sounds like JK – Jayaram Karthik) is what another plus point of this film. In addition to it the folk songs coming every ten minute gives a kick and also explains the situation inside TT.

Worth a Dekko! From various inconsequential films this film ‘I1’ is really A 1.



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