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‘Jerk’ in life span is common. How this ‘Jerk’ happens is what you have to watch on silver screen this week. Set for release on Friday the team members stated that Ne La Narendra Babu former MLA is playing an important role and he is the hero of second half of the film.

In the presence of producer Kapali Chari, Ravi, directors Mahantesh Madhakari, Ne La Narendra Babu, music director Edwar Shah, hero Krishna Raj, Nithyaraj and Ashabandari the trailer of the film was released.

Narendra Babu was taken aback when the story was narrated to him. He said is it possible to shoot like that. According to him it is ‘Vishesha and Vichitra’. He participated in a Ramanagar location. Babu believes that cinema is creation of life. He is a model character in the film.

Director Mahantesh madhakari employee in BMRCL has taken this challenge and when he was told whether it is possible to bring on silver screen he took it seriously. He is writer of 9 plays and around 2000 poems. The character of Narendra Babu is hidden like that of Saikumar in Rangitaranga but we have put before the media a few days before release of ‘Jerk’ he said. All 62 scenes in the film give ‘Jerk’ – at the outset we have to live beyond destructions and obstructions he stated.

Kampali Chari one of the producers has given good atmosphere for shooting and in Mayoora Productions a few friends have joined the team he said.

Krishna Raj hero of the film comes from village with dream of doing KAS to Bengaluru. What happens is crux of the film. Nithyaraj is making debut and it is first film signed by Asha Bhandari.

Music composer Edward Shah had seen the film in RR stage and he is convinced of a good film.

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